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Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 10:42 AM 03-08-2014

Pattern is downloadable for $ here: http://www.interweavestore.com/spiral-boot-socks?utm_source=ls&utm_medium=aff&cid=05t1rdpCdm4&siteID=05t1rdpCdm4-6oyoew1YnvYU_FSfNPbATg or  you can see if you can find the Summer 2007 Intwerweave knits magazine at the library or something. 


I actually made the socks out of fingering weight, but the pattern calls for something in the sport weight range.  I like fingering weight so the socks aren't too bulky in my shoes, but if I were to do them with the recommended yarn and gauge, I would probably leave out one repeat.  I was knitting with at least 1 more stitch per inch than called for, and they aren't the slightest bit too snug.  I know I don't have bulky calves, but it seems a lot of people on Ravelry needed to size them down a bit.


I also had to weave a couple of rows of elastic thread through the tops of them because the lack of ribbing at the top made them prone to sliding down a bit.  And I reversed the spiral for the second sock, I found details on that on someone's Ravelry project, it wasn't hard. 

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 09:51 PM 03-08-2014

Wee waistcoat and shirt for the son and heir:


Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 11:37 PM 03-09-2014

Awwww... He's looking older than the last photo I remember of him.  I love the print on the waistcoat. 

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 09:43 PM 03-10-2014

Me too! DH said 'ew' when I got it, but when I made the waistcoat he thought it was very snazzy. Typical. :p


Now, before Saturday I have to make DD a Merida costume and a play tent. Dyed some dark green fabric with blue last night for Merida's overdress - I always thought it *was* dark green, but according to earnest debates on the internet it's actually a tealy dark blue. Much to my surprise, I achieved it! Never dyed anything before, but I can see how it'd be addictive... I wonder if a nice dark blue would cover the mildew stains on my old but beloved apron?

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 08:33 AM 03-12-2014


Made myself a cute cross body grey and white chevron bag.  It is perfect but I need to make a cool flower embellishment.  I also made several little zippered pouches- one for my oils to keep in  my purse and several others because they are so fun to make and use.

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 04:54 AM 03-13-2014


Another wee pair of trousies for DS. Here he's trying to put a car in his pocket. He LOVES pockets. "You made a pockets! For MEEE? You made a pockets on a back?!"

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 06:21 AM 03-13-2014
Love them! What pattern did you use?
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 01:46 PM 03-13-2014

An Ottobre one. Pretty much all my kids' clothes are Ottobre patterns - I love 'em. I've made these trousers before in a different size - you can gussy them up if you want, and if you remove the bottom leg panel you can make long shorts. 

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 07:11 PM 03-20-2014

Smokering!  I was googling vintage "walk-away" dress patterns and came across this and had to share:



Those flaps that button onto the bodice front would be  perfect for hiding some breastfeeding-access slits, no?

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 01:39 PM 03-21-2014

Ooh, they would! I like!

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 07:10 PM 03-25-2014

17/52- I made myself a matching sewing machine cover.

18/52- made 3 oil zippered pouches to give away.


I had high hopes for today- they just didn't materialize.  But a really great phonics lesson did- my almost 7 yo is rocking his short vowels this week and my baby is nursing like a crazy hungry baby :)

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 06:57 PM 04-01-2014
Seems like spring has brought a lull in the creative juices.

Project 5: Doll bed for best friends little girl

Project 6: Boob Toob nursing cover so I can breast feed twins without exposing myself

I saw it on etsy and thought I don't need to spend $38.99 on that rectangle of fabric with elastic at the top and bottom. So I made one. Only wish I had used lighter material. The cotton was way too heavy and hot. Bought some poly cotton that should be better.

edit: Finally got the pictures uploaded!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 08:37 AM 04-02-2014
Project 7: Yesterday I was thinking there was another project but I couldn't think of what it was. This morning I remembered that I covered a large diaper box with poster board so I could use it as a "drawer" to keep sleep n play one piece outfits in since the dresser has such tiny drawers.

mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 04:07 PM 04-02-2014

I love seeing (and hearing about) the amazing things you all make! I really need to get in gear and find some time to craft.

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 01:26 PM 04-05-2014

Been suffering from a minor bout of startitis over here ;)  I am recovering though, and so I finally have some finished things to show. 


Baby girl jumper dress



Cozy for my new ipod



Also a dish cloth and a few knitted scrubbies I won't bore you with by adding pictures




Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 10:59 PM 04-05-2014

Another jumper dress.  Cut this out of a skirt I made for myself back in high school.  Glad I kept it around after I outgrew it. 



katelove's Avatar katelove 03:25 AM 04-06-2014
Sweet dresses!

I'm in a bit of a crafting doldrums too. I need to get moving though. SIL's baby shower is next weekend!!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 08:03 AM 04-06-2014

I know, katelove, my niece's birthday party is next Sunday. I need to get her doll  bed made. 

Smokering's Avatar Smokering 03:23 PM 04-06-2014

Gorgeous jumper dresses! That spotty fabric is awesome!


I finished DD's Merida costume and made DS some underpants (surprisingly complicated Ottobre boxer briefs - six pieces in the pattern!) Not much else recently; I've been sick. Oh, I started a quilt! Not very far through, though...

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 05:07 PM 04-11-2014

Made another button down blouse.  Had a few stupid moments making this, so the finishing isn't great, but it's wearable.  Also I've come to the conclusion that the armscye/sleeve does not fit me at all.  I'll be trying to remedy that before making this pattern again. 



katelove's Avatar katelove 03:50 AM 04-12-2014
17/52 - fish mobile/dangly thingie for SIL's baby shower. Which has been cancelled/postponed as we are having a cyclone this weekend instead. I will post a pic later but I used this pattern, reduced to 75% (I think), made three of them and strung them together with some nice velvet ribbon. http://birchfabrics.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/free-pdf-pattern-tutorial-pond-fishy.html?m=1

I also finished the front of a quilted pillow cover. Hopefully I can put the back on it tonight but we are sort of expecting the power to go out so I may not get a chance. If it does, I shall be spending the next few days doing a lot of cutting out and pinning :-)
iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 03:36 PM 04-15-2014

19/52- made myself the easiest a line skirt ever.  It is seriously 2 pieces with an elastic waist- but if doesn't look like that on.


20/52- made myself another because I love it.


Ok.  So I have no time anymore.  Baby 6 has taken away all my crafting time.  In previous years I have buzzed through the 52 projects.  Well that isn't happening now.  So that in mind.....  Am I crazy to consider making a quilt for my Sister and BIL's wedding gift?  Their wedding is June 7th.  Keep in mind this is going to be an appliquéd medallion in the center and very simply stripped out to a 90x90.   And then quickly stippled unless I can wrap my frazzled brain around the pebble quilting you all do so well.  Crazy?  Considering I would have to order the right fabric?  What do you all think?  My sister will laugh at the quilt and my BIL will LOVE what I have in mind....  DH thinks it is achievable but he doesn't have to finish up the homeschool year and start a garden and whatnot.

katelove's Avatar katelove 05:12 PM 04-15-2014
18/52 - finished the pillow.

Probably going to start my (?)nepher's quilt next. (?)He is due at the beginning of May so, really, could be anytime now.
Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 08:36 PM 04-15-2014

I learned how to make serger gathers!  Don't know why I waited...


I'm making a dress with a tiered skirt, so I thought I'd test the ratios and tier lengths by making a slip for it.  Also, I didn't want to have to line the whole skirt so a slip is good.  I think I like the ratios, but I hate where the second tier hits me.  Definitely changing that. 



OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 10:30 AM 04-17-2014

Hello everyone! I haven't been on in f.o.r.e.v.e.r.. But I need some motivation! I haven't done any crafting since Jan because I have lacked motivation (well, that and morning sickness and 4 kids and homeschool and my husband's work schedule :rotflmao)..


So my main project for this year is:

Im expecting our 5th child in late Sept/early Oct..


My other major "project" for the year is my husband is leaving the military so we are moving..somewhere.. with uncertain plans but a lot of hope things will work out. Yea, Im a stress bucket right now..


I haven't really though of my actual crafts for the year. I need to do something to release some stress though.

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 08:11 PM 04-17-2014

Ok First 10 projects

1) Finish narnia shawl Im knitting

2) Finish curtains

3) finish baby sweater I started back in December and sew a little jumpsuit to go with it

4) footprint flower pots for MIL, Grandma-in law for Mother's Day

5) fingerprint ties for DH and FIL for Father's day

6) tear apart zombie (birthday) and framed handprint craft for Dad for his birthday/father's day

7) coming home blanket for baby

8) penguin blanket for DD3- birthday

9) penguin for DD3- birthday

10) penguin backpack for DD3- birthday

AfricanQueen99's Avatar AfricanQueen99 07:21 AM 04-18-2014
Congrats heather! These threads seem to be so full of new babes - so cool. smile.gif
Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 09:47 AM 04-21-2014

wave.gif Heather!  I think we were in the Oct 2012 due date club together?  Can't wait to see what you make!

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 10:12 AM 04-21-2014

So I got obsessed with this dress from Call the Midwife last summer. 



And I finally made my own.  The fabric is wildly different, but I do love the bodice design.  Still not so sure about the proportions of the tiered skirt.  I think maybe I'd have liked a plain semi-circular skirt better, but the tiered skirt is more fabric efficient.  About halfway through making it I started worrying that I would feel too girlish and silly in all the pink flowers, but I think I like it.  It was popular with the over 60 demographic at church anyway, lol.  The pattern adapting took forever, and I think it could still use a few more small improvements.  I think I'm going to make another one in a more reserved print, and see if I can fine tune the fit just a bit. 


I look like I'm about to burst into song cheesy-musical style in the spinning pic, hahaha.



katelove's Avatar katelove 08:53 PM 04-21-2014
Great dress, Angelorum. I love the bodice and the button waistband.

This is the fish hanging thingy I made for SIL's baby shower. Which has been rescheduled for 5pm on a night which DH is working a late shift. So I won't be going. And, in reality, I wouldn't be going even if he was off. There would be major tears if I tried to go out for two hours at 5pm. Nevermind. Sorry for the dodgy pic, it's raining and I needed to get it wrapped. The original plan was for graduated sizes but I couldn't do the tiny fine without losing all the detail so I did them all the same size.

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