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zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:21 PM 01-01-2014

Someone asked to start a new thread....  here ya go ladies....


Day one...

Momsteader's Avatar Momsteader 05:46 PM 01-01-2014

Here's my spot! :) 


New Projects

1. 2 Pettiskirts for surro-daughters

2. Cape for surro-son

3. Curtains for my bedroom.

4. Hanging wet bag for kitchen

5. Sew something quilty. I go to quilt club every week..but haven't ever done a quilted anything <oops>.

6. shelf liner for last shelf in bedroom

7. 3-5 more utili-kilts (three to five projects, but I'll just list as one here)

8. leggings or me

9. skirt or two for me

10. more cord keepers for self/sale





#1 piece of advice to my future self.....FINISH YOUR UFOs LADY! Quit cutting out more things until you sew up what you've got cut out!!! Hear me? 


01: 01.04 Duvet Cover

02: 01.04 Unplastic Wraps

03: 01.04 Belt

04: 01.04 Tiny Knitted Hats











katelove's Avatar katelove 05:49 PM 01-01-2014
I'm in! Will come back later with my list.
AfricanQueen99's Avatar AfricanQueen99 06:00 PM 01-01-2014
This is my year to seriously get my act together!

1. Christmas card organization (2007-present) - 1/2
2. Ornament boxes for kids (3) - 1/7
3. Science fair project - 1/20 (a crapload of work!)
4. Hearts for door decorations x 56 - 1/31
5. C's birthday party *stuff* - 3/29
6. Started a new Brownie sash with dozens of patches - 3/30

1. Bags for the homeless (6) - January
2. Decorated cans for food pantry - February

Felted sweater stockings (5)
Felted sweater tree skirt
Accordion book for Santa photos (2006-present)
Lidamama84's Avatar Lidamama84 07:01 PM 01-01-2014
I started stalking the other thread a few weeks ago...I'm totally in! I actually had a seriously productive year last year. I don't have a list yet for this year, but project #1 will be giving birth to our third baby, who was due last week... eyesroll.gif
frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 07:14 PM 01-01-2014

I'm in, but don't have a list of projects just ideas to run off of. I do know that #1 will be finishing the giant crocheted t-shirt rug I'm working on now though. And I know I want to make dd some AG doll clothes & maybe some food for her dolls too. And I want to sew myself an abaya or two as well - would love to have those done before July. Maybe I'll get an abaya done for dd too as an Eid gift.


Mostly I want to attack the 4 totes of fabric I have that are taking up space in my storage room.


1. Crocheted t-shirt rug for living room

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 08:12 PM 01-01-2014

I dont really have a list per se but I have things to finish, things to do, things that come up etc.

I am admitting now, early in the year, that I am addicted to yarn.

FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 11:16 AM 01-02-2014

I'm in! I'll be back later to add the few things on my list so far.

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 04:46 PM 01-02-2014

I am ready to get started on new projects this year. I got 42 of 52 done next year. I am excited to get started on some things for my little boys.

mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 05:37 PM 01-02-2014

I'm tentatively joining... I've had the desire to do this for a couple of years, but haven't made more than a few things a year. I really want to spend a little more time in 2014 pursuing my own little interests.

I'd like to do a few paintings for the home and sew a few things for myself... and play with all of my pinterest fantasies... :drool

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 08:41 PM 01-02-2014

1. ruffle scarf (made from the most horrible scratchy yarn ever - but that is what the  reciepitent chose)

FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 11:37 PM 01-02-2014

The first few items I want to work on are:

1. Finish scarf for DH

2. Scarf for me

3. Wine cork bulletin board

bohemianmama's Avatar bohemianmama 10:03 AM 01-03-2014
I wrote this into our family budget to make sure it will happen.

1. Purple longies for DD2
2. Gray black out curtains for living room
3. Crochet hat for DH
4 . Cleaned out under kitchen sink. Replaced all toxic cleaners with homemade
5. Dyed over Lola's sweater. Fixing bleach stain
6. Kids closet shelving
FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 05:25 PM 01-03-2014

I did this a few years ago but bailed after 3 months.  I need to make attempt again because my studio is overrun with half finished projects.  Going to mull over a list for a bit and then update.


-finish DD3's hobby horse

-repair DD1 and DD2's hobby horses (they both broke their sticks, need to replace them)

-make 2 more gnomes to complete DD4's set

-make Waldorf doll for DD4's 1st b-day

-sew upcycled sweater throw pillow

-sew upcycled dress shirt throw pillow

-sew at least 50 sets of diapers for Teeny Tears (100 diapers total, this is a service project to work on w/ DD1)

-sew 3 walker caddies for local retirement home (service project to work on w/ DD)

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 06:46 PM 01-03-2014

I am in.  


1.  get baby out. lol.

2.  make a cover stitch machine cover for my mom.

3.  make a potato sack purse for my sister.

4.  make a sewing machine cover and serger cover for myself.

5.  finish my thrummed mitten.

6.  make another thrummed mitten to finish a different pair.


Ohhh you know what I really really want to make?  The knitting shop has this yarn that is soooo stinking cool.  It is cream wool with felted flowers in it that they knit into a scarf.  Insanely expensive (like $30 for the skien) - but perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Perhaps I should pick up a skein and make it for myself if I haven't had the baby by the next time I go to town....  Might make the wait more bearable.  I think it is about the quickest knit ever.

Momsteader's Avatar Momsteader 10:43 PM 01-04-2014

First 4 days of the year, first four projects knocked out. I need to keep up this momentum as I aim to have 52 done before Dec 1 as I really petered out last year. 


#1 Duvet cover for my bed. I used a sheet set and then added another coordinating flat sheet for the backing. I got a new wool comforter for Christmas and needed a new duvet cover as my old one was too small. 


#2 Unplastic wrappers for bowls. 


#3 Belt for the little guy to keep up his pants. 


#4 Some tiny knit hats for gifts. 

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 05:58 AM 01-09-2014

Hi ladies- I have been working on finishing my thrummed mitten.  Getting closer :)  


Stopped at the knitting shop to pick up that gorgeous yarn and I must have looked at the price wrong before.  It was actually $53...  and it took 2!  So since that is clearly out of my budget I am trying to muster up the motivation to make my own version.  I have lots of random roving bits and I could definitely spring for a skien of cream wool....


Momsteader- so productive and so cute!  Especially the cutie under the comforter :)

frugalmama's Avatar frugalmama 08:02 AM 01-09-2014

Still working on my t-shirt rug. Gotta find more t-shirts to recycle lol. I'm at the point where 1 t-shirt, even if it's plus size, still only makes 2-3 rounds before I run out of yarn.

Cellis27's Avatar Cellis27 12:18 PM 01-09-2014
Love the unplastic wrappers for bowls. How did you make them?
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 01:07 PM 01-09-2014

1. ruffle scarf (made from the most horrible scratchy yarn ever - but that is what the  reciepitent chos

2. shawl (MINE!)

3.queen annes lace scarf

4. bucket hat

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 02:54 PM 01-09-2014

Happy New Year everyone!  I only just got all the pictures of my last projects from the random hard drive they got stuck on while we were traveling.  I posted them in the last thread, if you wanna go look.  I made it to 54 projects last year!  My goal was 52.  I think I'll stick with that goal this year, it was just reachable, and if I devote any more time to projects my housekeeping will fall from barely acceptable to hoarders level.  I've gotten two quick projects done so far this year.


First, a new mei tai!  My old one was pretty gross looking.  1/52


And I recovered my ironing board.  My old cover was REALLY gross looking.  And the pad was so flat,  the mesh of the metal underneath kept getting ironed into my projects.  It was such a quick project, I really should have done it sooner. 

Before :P

After :)



Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 02:58 PM 01-09-2014

Good luck to all the mamas with babies coming soon!  And Iowa, holy cow!  $106 for a scarf with flowers?!  Definitely make your own!

bohemianmama's Avatar bohemianmama 03:04 PM 01-09-2014
@Angelorum Your mei tei is very pretty! I have been thinking about making one instead of repairing my broken Beco
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:35 AM 01-10-2014
Where would I find a pattern for making a mei tai? After seeing how much premade ones are, I just need to make one so I can carry my boys.
Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 10:47 AM 01-10-2014

McCall's has one.  It's not very good though.  It is the pattern I started with, like 5 mei tais ago.  The main change I made was to make the shoulder straps really wide, and pleated into the body, so that they would spread the weight out better.  Then I cut off the bottom of the body, and replaced it with one really long waist strap, and put bum darts in above the strap.  They are pretty simple to make, I'm thinking there must be a few tutorials on blogs somewhere.

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 10:48 AM 01-10-2014

And how are those sweet little new babies, lilacvioletiris?

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 07:48 PM 01-10-2014

Angelorum-  that is a lovely carrier!  So pretty!  What did you use to cushion your ironing board cover?  I hate to say it but mine looks way worse...  I should cover it too.  I have a huge roll of quilt batting I could put a couple layers in...  


Today I almost finished a mitten- just the thumb left and then they will be done.  They are so pretty :)  And I bought a skien of burly spun for the not-$106 scarf :)  I am going to knit it and then attach the flowers (which I have done except for the leaves.  DD1 already wants one but only with blue and green on it.  I did confess what I was doing to the knit shop lady and she said it was a genius idea...  probably because she knows me well enough to know that I would never ever ever buy that expensive of stuff lol.  The burly spun wasn't any too cheap though- it was still $20.  So I need to figure out how to spin using a drop spindle.  I have a ton of lovely roving that I have no idea why I bought so much...  but it would be wonderful for these scarves which are I think going to be pretty popular (but I can't exactly sell them because of how spendy and time consuming they will be ya know?)  At least if I am using up my random stash I can give some as gifts...

Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 11:29 PM 01-10-2014

I used two layers of quilt batting for the new ironing board pad.  I was going to just serge them together with the fabric, but they weren't quite wide enough, so I just laid them on top of the board and tightened the cover over it all. 


For learning to spin with a drop spindle, I recommend the "Respect the Spindle" video.  There is also a book with the same title (done by the same woman), but it's a lot easier to learn the movements with a video.  You can buy a downloadable version of it here.

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 04:10 AM 01-11-2014



Here is project #1 for 2014!  Thrummed mittens.  I have a cowl that I knit last year that matches them- although it is variegated and these are striped.  Now if I could just get baby out so that I would fit in the coat that they match :)


Angelorum- I am going to have to try making one then.  But I think today I should really really do our taxes since I don't have any kids home...  Or have a baby....  either way it would be good.

Lidamama84's Avatar Lidamama84 02:30 PM 01-11-2014
Nice projects, everyone!

1. Give birth to DS-done!
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