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AutumnMoon's Avatar AutumnMoon 09:40 AM 04-11-2014

I crochet a lot because it's calming, for one. So i sell what i create. In the last year, i've noticed my wrists acting up--particularly the one that holds the yarn. Lately, my dominant wrist has been hurting, too. While at rest, they don't hurt, but bending them back hurts like crazy (which eliminates another love: yoga; no downward dog for this girl!).


Has anyone else experienced this? If i have to stop crocheting all together, oh, boy..... Is there a way to keep it from happening? Like, crochet for an hour a day or less....or something. I don't want to give up my addiction! I'm looking for people who have experienced this.

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 12:04 PM 04-11-2014
Yeah I crochet a lot less bc of wrist pain but I think it was brought on by typing initially. Haven't found a solution yet. greensad.gif
rachelsmama's Avatar rachelsmama 12:08 PM 04-11-2014

I don't know what the diagnosis would be, but yes, I get pain if I knit too much.  If I make sure to pace myself, stretch, and use my non-dominant hand to control the computer mouse and do a few other simple but repetitive tasks, I can keep the pain at bay.

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