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wedding gift ideas for dcs to make

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My cousin is getting married in a few months. Anyone have any ideas for a gift that my dcs could make for her. They are 5 and 7.

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If they can knit, dishcloths are always good.


I made a clay bowl for my aunt and uncle when they married - I was six or seven years old.

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They could decorate some picture frames. Those are always needed. :)

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If they can paint, make a wall art painted by them. Buy a canvass and paints and let them paint it. Your cousin can use that in their future home as a decoration. A frame is a good idea too; you can also find some great ideas on Pinterest.
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We always want to give some unique gift to our closest person in his/her marriage. I have some ideas for wedding gift, like antique crockeries, Cream Patisserie Cake Carrier, attractive lamps, Candlesticks, things used in kitchen, show piece etc. You can create any image frame and put your images in that, he also prepare a collage of images, frame it and give, you can prepare a beautiful card etc.
I think my suggestions will help you.
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When we got married we gave our guest and families a favor and they love it. I put some scented candles to the wooden box and put a natural facial mask with it. I also add some mini heart soap that I made. It is also personalized because I put a tag in each favor box.
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