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kimmie-pooh's Avatar kimmie-pooh 10:32 PM 05-02-2004
I'm looking for some knitting patterns for summer tops for my 5 yo dd who usually wears a size 7 top (she's tall and thin and usually tops that are smaller than a 7 give her a mid-drift). I found the LTK apron top pattern, but it only goes up to a 5T. Would it be possible to adjust it to a size 7? If so, how would I got about doing this?

I've been searching high and low all over the internet for some tops for about a week. Frankly, I'm tired of looking :LOL Anyone have a good pattern or know of where I can find one (or some)? I love some of the Sirdar patterns, but cannot find a place in the US that has them instock.

laurabfig's Avatar laurabfig 01:55 AM 06-08-2004
I wonder if you might be able to email LTK and ask them to modify the pattern for you to fit a size 7? They seem like they are really friendly and seem to have great customer service...they might be able to help. That pattern is really cute and I actually found your post here b/c I was doing a search for anyone who had posted about it. (I am a VERY beginning knitter and was wondering if it will be too hard for me... :LOL ) Hope you can get some help to do it!
kimberlylibby's Avatar kimberlylibby 10:35 AM 06-08-2004
I was going to recommend Knitty, but I was thinking adult sizes.

Hmmmm, I don't know! Definitely email Theresa though!
pageta's Avatar pageta 01:53 PM 06-08-2004
As for modifying the pattern, basically what you need to do is figure out your gauge and then how big you want the garment to be. Then simply adjust width using an additional number of stitches based on your gauge and length measurements and you should be set.

My gauge never seems to come out like the patterns say, so I've adjusted a good many patterns. In fact, I saw a book once that had little charts with the gauge on the left column and the pattern size across the top and then how many stitches for each. When I modify patterns now, I re-type them in MSWord and then add little charts every time a specification is given so I can see the original as well as my calculation as I go. I've gotten some really good results with fit using this method.