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PapayaVagina's Avatar PapayaVagina 03:52 PM 05-29-2002
I saw on TV one time this lady who made a painting and she made kind of a 3-D collage of newspaper clippings that interested her and she painted over them. I didn't catch what she made it with.

I went to my local craft store and bought a paper mache kind of glue to try and dilute and use but of course it makes all of the newspaper clippings run so that you cannot tell what they were about.

I wanted to make a huge collage with lots of midwifery clippings, etc. while I'm going to school and for people to be able to read what is underneath a thin layer of paint.

Any suggestions on glues or paints that you would be able to use?

CanOBeans's Avatar CanOBeans 04:46 PM 05-29-2002
How about using a spray fixative over the newspaper first? Or using photocopies of the clippings?
kama'aina mama's Avatar kama'aina mama 08:38 PM 04-01-2003
I don't know from glue and paint but try running a hot, dry iron over the newspaper. It sets the ink, at least some. Butlers iron newspapers partly to make it look nice but also so the ink won't rub off on the hands of the reader.
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 07:30 PM 04-02-2003
Try a contact cement, or a spray adhesive. Spray adhesives are gross, but they work well for mounting paper.

You might even try Alene's tacky glue.
gatormommy123's Avatar gatormommy123 03:43 AM 04-29-2003
How about making photo copies of the newspaper articles? They probably won't run when you use glue. You don't need expensive glue at the craft store. Just go to the grocery store and buy liquid starch, use it straight from the bottle. good luck!