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yllek's Avatar yllek 06:12 PM 05-27-2004
I just made first diaper yesterday! DH is sooo impressed, and I'm pretty happy with them too (if I do say so myself).

My only issue with them is they seem pretty darn big for a newborn baby. I used the Cuddlebuns pattern and modified it for the preemie size, but I didn't use unwashed flannel as stated in the directions. I used an old flannel receiving blanket for my first stab, and since it's not going to shrink, I think it's going to be too big.

It's a bit confusing to me that the alternative sizes are not published anywhere. I mean, the only fabric I can use for a preemie-size CB is flannel and then I should hope the shrinkage is right? :

Does anyone know the dimensions for a finished, shrunken, preemie-sized CB? Or, alternatively, does anyone know what diaper dimensions I should be aiming for to fit a 5-10 lb baby? (I'm guessing that after 10 lbs, I should be able to get away with using the regular size CB...)

Thanks so much for any ideas!