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thechrysalis's Avatar thechrysalis 06:54 PM 09-03-2004
I was just thinking about this today. I seriously think I am addicted to yarn. I have so much yarn now that I get nervous looking at it because I feel like I need to knit at the speed of light to justify it all! I went into Joann's today, JUST to look at some fleece - I wasn't going to buy anything. I decided to look to see if there were any knitting magazines. Needless to say, I saw something I just have to make and ended up buying 9 (yes, 9!!!!!!!) skeins of yarn and the magazine.

I really do think there is something wrong with me. I don't have the money to be spending on all this yarn!
At least I'm not : alone.

bluenail's Avatar bluenail 07:26 PM 09-03-2004
Oh yeah - I can spend HOURS in a fabric store. And poor DH - I received *two* big boxes of diaper material today. Cute knit prints, birdseye (which I *cannot* seem to find in Canada), flannels, etc. You should have seen the eye rolling that went on. But like I've said before and I'll say it again, I am such a magpie.

I've actually lost track of how much I've spent in the past month on fabric :, but it's all for a good cause! There's no way that I'm giving dh any excuse to put ds into a disposable diaper.
chow46's Avatar chow46 07:36 PM 09-03-2004
Originally Posted by underthebluerug
"Papa's titties don't work."
: That's right!!
Shefalismommy's Avatar Shefalismommy 01:56 PM 09-04-2004
I wish I had a basement for all my fabric! that's the only bummer about california
LdyBluNH@aol's Avatar LdyBluNH@aol 09:33 AM 09-08-2004
i probably shouldn't say this.. .but you can put beading on quilts!!

Originally Posted by obeyacts2
Im guilty!!!!! My stash is 95% 100% cottons due to my quilting.

Laura (who would love to collect beads but belongs to a faith that doesnt wear jewelry)

GiraffeLovin'Mama's Avatar GiraffeLovin'Mama 12:14 AM 09-09-2004
I don't sew ......yet, although I have a beautiful singer machine in a cabinet from my great grandma and we're getting it out of storage this month.

HOWEVER, I dye clothing, fabric, and whatever else is around.
I make cards and scrapbook.
I make bath and body products.
I make laundry powder.
I make candles.
I like to embellish journals and photo albums.
I do mosaics
And too many other things here and there and I DO have a craft room and its a mess and I still need more space.

Boy, watch out when I do start sewing because I already have a list of about 100 fabrics I *have* to have.

Atleast my dh's motto is "As long as we can afford it, AND you will use it" So I get a little time to myself each week
This past week I dyed some clothes and made 37 handstamped cards.
gardenmom's Avatar gardenmom 02:04 AM 09-09-2004
Count me in...I can't get out of any craft or fabric store for under $40. It's horrible...let's see, I:

Make handmade cards and do scrapbooking (this is my MIL's fault--my new craft/hobby)
Got started making stuff out of wool felt about a year ago, then
got hooked on needle and wet felting ($80 worth of roving due to arrive from New Zealand any day now!!!)
I sew and quilt--whole closet full of fabric and supplies.
I found an ashford spinning wheel at a yard sale this spring and dh nearly died, but he let me buy it (Hey, it was a $350 working wheel for only $17.50--no joke--couldn't pass it up, so I've taught myself to spin, though I don't knit---YET!!! :LOL)

This doesn't even count my obsession with vintage linens, fabric and trims...I won't even go into that mess... At least I've pretty much given up making dried florals for now.

My 'room' is the entire finished attic, and dh has domain over the basement--his vice is video games, which is more expensive, but he resells some so his hobby at least funds itself--I'd like to say the same for me but I know I'm in the hole for $$$

At least I know that if we need the money, we could live off both our collections of stuff for a I have made some pretty nice gifts for friends and family that I'm proud of.
triciarn's Avatar triciarn 03:09 AM 09-10-2004
Well I have 2 entire sheeps fleece in my garage!!! I'm talking everything but the BAAAAAAAA :

First I decided to knit, which I have been doing for 2 1/2 years. Sooo I have a huge yarn stash. Plus my LYS is going out of business. Everything 35% off. Very dangerous!!!

Then I decided to sew. Have been doing that for 6 months. And now have a fabric stash.

NOW, I have decided to try spinning. That is where the fleece comes in. My DH, who grew up sheering sheep, can't believe it. We lived on a farm for 4 years and I never was interested. Since we have moved away to the city we have fleece in our garage. But hey, I only spent 10.00 for the fleece.

YES, I spend way to much on my crafts. But it is fun!!!

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