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glad2bemama's Avatar glad2bemama 02:57 AM 07-30-2002
Just wanted to pass along a very simple, but fun kids craft idea. My boys love anything to do with space and wanted me to create a helmet for them to pretend to "blast off"...

Cover four paper plates with aluminum foil.
Cut a square eye piece out of the fifth and then cover that with foil, as well.
Attach the top plate to front with stapler.
Attach other pieces to top and then sides.

Voila! You have a fun space helmet kids can help make and use their imaginations with...

We just used this as a craft idea during my now five year old's birthday party-- the kids loved it!!!

lorrielink's Avatar lorrielink 05:12 AM 07-31-2002
o that is so darned adorable, i love it , ill have to go buy some foil to do it though, ill let you know how it goes

btw where did you find that cute little recipe?
glad2bemama's Avatar glad2bemama 08:30 PM 07-31-2002
Thanks fionnsmom! Hope you all enjoy it as much as my guys did!

Well, I found the neatest little craft book called "Little Hands Paper Plate Crafts". It is an an art project book for little ones using paper plates. We always have extra ones given to us by grandma.

It is wonderful! We have made all kinds of creations from the book and they are always a hit! For Easter we made bunny masks using the plates.

Oh, the author is Laura Check.

Let me know how it went
lorrielink's Avatar lorrielink 08:34 PM 07-31-2002
well we slapped one together this afternoon cause i just couldnt wait till we got some aluminum foil, he loved it, thought it was really silly, then we painted it and were waiting for it to dry right now thanks again!