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lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 07:49 PM 09-07-2002
Hey, I was wondering if there any knitters here.
I have been knitting for just a while and would love to talk to others.

JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 12:55 PM 09-10-2002
I love to knit but I am not very good at it. Usually my creations are some sort of blob shaped blanket thing. I recently made a doll though. The first doll I made looked pretty sad but the second one turned out pretty good.
velveeta's Avatar velveeta 01:15 PM 09-10-2002
As soon as this morning sickness subsides, I plan to teach myself how to knit. I want to make lots of lovely things for our baby.

There is a cute new book out that inspired me, "Knitting for Baby." In the book's reviews, they say that there are many projects that are suitable for a very first timer.

Rachael, did you just start knitting?

rgarlough's Avatar rgarlough 02:58 PM 09-10-2002
About a year ago, I decided to teach myself to knit and crochet. I practiced and practiced but found that I prefer crochet. I plan on giving knitting another whirl but I need to work on keeping my work loose. I have a tendency to knit too tightly.

lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 12:43 PM 09-11-2002
Hey all!!! Thanks for the replies. I started knitting last year, learned the basics..knit, purl. I really enjoyed it but got busy and started other projects ( I am one of those that starts one thing, and then immediately moves to another. I am a gemini :-) Now I am ready to get back into and thought I would start by making some gifts for Christmas presents for family. I have this knitting for kids book I borrowed from a friend and saw some cute doll patterns and some little bath hand mitts for kids(owls and pussycats) that looked real cute and I was thinking about knitted organic cotton wash cloths for family. I really need to work on the tension thing. My stuff either seems real tight or real loose! On the bath mitt thing I dont understand part of the instructions and I am hoping someone can help me. I will post what I am talking about in a little while, I am on my way out the door right now.
I look forward to talking to everyone soon!!
Greenfrogs's Avatar Greenfrogs 08:22 PM 09-12-2002
I am getting back into doing all sorts of thread crafts. My grandmother taught me and my cousins (all boys) how to needlepoint, crochet, knit, and embrodier. Put it down for a long time. Now I am trying to crochet a sweater for my son with some left over yarn from a 10 yr old project (which I finished right before he was born). I have the front and back done and I am about to imbark on the sleeves. I have never made one so it is quite the adventure. I figure if it comes out funky he'll grow out of soon enough .

Look forward to hearing about other sucesses, triumph, frustrations and misshapen projects
Annais's Avatar Annais 12:15 PM 09-14-2002
I'm just learning to knit, too!
I love it...I took a beginner's class at a local yarn shop, and I'm taking their sweater workshop starting in a couple pf weeks.
There's a great book (actually, 2!) about knitting for babies that I just bought by Mission Falls called Wee Knits. The designs are beautiful, and so colorful! They involve using more than one color yarn, and I don't know how to do that yet!
ladylee's Avatar ladylee 01:07 PM 09-14-2002
Now I'm inspired. I saw a beautiful afghan in a women's magazine & figured why the heck not. I used to crochet when I was younger, but only am able to make strips of things. It must be such a satisfying feeling to actually make something :LOL!
jessikate's Avatar jessikate 12:05 AM 09-18-2002
I knit, spin, and weave. I also crochet but don't do much of it due to tendinitis. I'm also doing something that many fiber addicts would consider very dangerous: I work in a yarn shop. Luckily, I seem to only want to knit socks or something with a particular yarn that we don't carry. Lucky, no? I suppose I will stock up before I leave there and lose my employee discount (end of January)!

Good luck to the beginners out there, and keep those needles clicking!

happymommy's Avatar happymommy 07:27 PM 12-26-2002
Hi fellow knitters!!! I have been knitting for a few years on and off, but i am not really great at it yet. I did just buy a pattern for socks for my dd, but this is so confusing!!! You have to knit using 4 short needles and in a circle!! It is SO hard. I mean, i am sure it is easy for most of you, but it is very tough and frustrating for me!!
OceanMomma's Avatar OceanMomma 08:02 PM 12-26-2002
I love to knit & crochet. I haven't done much knitting recently coz of time constraints with my toddler & work & dreaded monring sickness. I found crocheting easier with a toddler as you can drop it whenever you like & you haven't got long & pointy needles to worry about or dropping a stitch in the middle of the row & so on.

I spin as well but haven't for ages. I'm off to live down the south island in about 2 weeks ( yay! ) so there is heaps more wool down there. My first project is to try some felting. Then I'm gonna get back into knitting & spinning.

I'm also considering getting a pet Awapawa sheep so I can have access to my own organic cruelty-free fleece to spin & felt.

A source of organic wool is They are in NZ but ship to the US. The wool only comes in natural colours but you can dye it with those Jaquard Acid dyes to make all sorts of funky colours. I would imagine dharma trading sells the dyes.
jessikate's Avatar jessikate 02:58 AM 12-27-2002
I am also a spinner. I've found eBay to be a fairly good place to buy wool for spinning, as long as you check the seller's feedback to make sure they're good. I am lucky to live in an area with many yarn shops (at least 11 that I can think of immediately) and several also sell wool for spinning. One is run out of a woman's home, and she does mail order: I've been quite happy with her products and prices (no affiliation, by the way). We also have an active spinners' group within our local weavers guild, and it's been a lot of fun to go to meetings and make new "fiber friends".

I love to make socks, but I make them on two circular needles instead of the double-pointed ones. If you're interested in learning to do this, do a Google search for "socks on two circular needles". It's really quite easy once you get the idea and is faster for me. Your mileage may vary, of course. I also knit things to be felted (slippers, bags, and fish, lately). I don't know how much I'll get done after I have this baby, but probably a lot less. Especially if it's as energy-intensive as I expect!

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about learning to spin, finding materials, or questions about knitting. I don't know everything but I do have many sources for information.

Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 11:36 PM 01-06-2003
Hey, lovinmama, how did the bath mitts go? I made some from the same book a few years ago. The book is currently over at a friend's house, though....
My current interest is Nicky Epstein's books on Barbie clothes, both knitting and crocheting. I'm not a big Barbie fan, but it's such a kick to whip out these tiny little clothes in just a bit of time. Plus dd wants leg warmers for ballet class. Plus dh wants a new vest (he keeps looking at the hot pink eyelash yarn I'm using to make a Barbie coat and asking if it's for him...I'm afraid to ask what body part he plans to wear it on).

No good yarns shops here. Lots of people into spinning, though. Alpacas are popular here and I guess it gives folks something to do with all the fiber.
angmul's Avatar angmul 05:10 AM 01-07-2003
Hello fellow knitters!

I love knitting. I learned to knit years ago but I never leanred how to make anything, and then I forgot. A few months ago, I took a 10 week knitting class and I loved it! I learned how to do so much. I have made four hats (two for the babe), four pairs of socks, a pair of booties, and I have started a sweater.

It is so much fun! I am planning to make some more socks, mittens for my daughter, and a hat for my sis.
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 04:50 PM 01-08-2003
Sigh. I LOVE to knit but most of my creative energy has gone elsewhere since becoming a mother 6 and a half years ago. (I now have 3 children)

When I was pregnant with my first bambino I started a gorgeous Kaffe Fassett outfit for my little one..........maybe I will complete it for his first baby. :

I have completed exactly 2 projects since beginning life as a mama: A Tomten doll and a plain purple scarf for my daughter.

Maybe this will be the year (no more diapers and everyone sleeps through the night - well, almost) when I can get knitting again. Nothing I make with needles will ever be as beautiful as my three children though!!
Happypants's Avatar Happypants 03:59 PM 01-26-2003
Just wanted to drop in and say "I'm a knitter, too!"
I'm currently waiting on mail-ordered yarn so I can start a hat for my fiance.
I love to knit!!!
It's my favorite textile craft.
My mom taught me when I was 8 or so, she used to own a yarn shop back then and I spent a good deal of time there. She was mainly a weaver, and I learned to do that, too, but she won't let me borrow a loom! (Probably because she knows she'd never see it again She never weaves anymore, though.
I also like to make baskets, and I've spun once or twice before, but never got the hang of it. And crocheting boggles my mind--I can make one long strand, but can't go back and forth.
My big project right now is a quilt, my first ever. It's a lot of fun, too. But I can't wait to get started on the hat...
Happy knitting