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chalupamom's Avatar chalupamom 04:45 PM 01-26-2005
I googled instructions for tie-dying and came up with sites that list all tons of "ingredients" and have complicated directions.

Can anyone give me a lesson in "Tie-Dying for Dummies"? My son wants to dye some t-shirts for his cousins' birthdays and there's got to be an easier way than what I've read so far.


LovinMyKids's Avatar LovinMyKids 04:54 PM 01-26-2005
IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 04:58 PM 01-26-2005
I do a low immersion thing that might be interesting to you.

I use regular powder dye (like Rit). What I do is called low immersion. Basically, you just put the thing you want to dye in container that just fits it ~ tightly. You can add the dye on top and bottom or get creative. Add water (not much should fit). Then, pop it in the microwave for a little while because heat activated the dye.

You could also tie it and you can experiment with how you 'fold' it into the container. Let it sit for at least an hour ~ or overnight and then dump it into the washing machine. If you add the dye water it will mellow out the effect, it's up to you. It's fun.

This is an adaptation of a process used for reactive dyes. I say this because if you look up the instructions, know that you should probably use 'complimentary colors' if you're using Rit.

You could also just tie it up with rubber bands and through it in the washing machine.

Good luck!
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 09:09 PM 01-26-2005
Check out http://forum.tie-dyed.net/viewforum....4cec8f6332fa48
This is a section in the forum on tie-ups. Check out the rest of the forum as well. Also if you go to the website partenered with the forum, he has downloadable "mini-movies" on certain folds/tie-ups. He is also coming out with a DVD showing al sorts of stuff. Anyways, here is the link to the site http://tie-dyed.net/store/catalog/Ho...Dye-sp-11.html

Have fun!
chalupamom's Avatar chalupamom 03:38 PM 01-27-2005
Thanks, all!

I have to say, I'm a little overwhelmed. I really thought that it would just be a matter of rubber-banding a couple little undershirts and tossing them in a basin of colored water. Clearly, this is going to require a little more commitment and organization than I had anticipated!
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 06:04 PM 01-27-2005
Seriously, it really isn't going to require much organization. I know reading all that stuff is overwhelming, but the important thing about dye-ing and tie-dyeing is to relax. Look at the stuff you read as being general guidelines.

If you don't want to do squirt bottles, then don't. Do immersion dyeing after you tie-up. Experiment with things in increments.

Relax and have fun