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LaLa's Avatar LaLa 05:42 PM 12-20-2001
I was just playing with natural coloring agents for soap. I tried Beet Powder, Red Henna, and Clove. I also bought some tumeric, but haven't tried it yet.

Anyway, they made some lovely colors (i'll put up a pic later)
but they didn't mix very well.

For those of you who use powder colors, how do you mix them?

here's what they ended up looking like

OceanMomma's Avatar OceanMomma 07:24 AM 12-30-2001
I got some natural soap pigments from a herbal supplier in the US when I was doing an order a few years back. I've been using them in my bath bombs too. They work really well. With the powdered beets etc, I'd guess it may be better to make a strong tea out of them with the water you're using in the soap?