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mraven721's Avatar mraven721 12:11 PM 02-24-2005
OK, I never thought I would be posting in the craft section let alone be the first person in the new sub forum.

OK, I am not crafty. I do want to be though. Anyway a wonderful mama made me, errr, my son, a beautiful Waldorf type of doll. Well he loves it, he love to sleep with it, feed it, and give him drinks from his cup. YIKES!
So, can I use a waterproof spray (like the kind I use on my diapers) on the babies face. How safe would that be for my son? Or should I just say, love him up regardless of the stains?

Any input would be great!

crochetmama's Avatar crochetmama 12:16 PM 02-24-2005
You should be able to give the doll a "bath". Wash just like your son, so gentle soap and lukewarm water. I would ask the wahm about the spray first, but I don't htink I'd use that. You can also ask her about washing the doll.

LaLa's Avatar LaLa 12:32 PM 02-24-2005
we have been known to actually wash some of our waldorf dolls in the machine! I figure it is better to have them clean, even if it recks some of the fluff, for a toddler who will be chewing on it!

Depends on the it is really too special to wash and wear then you may put it up for a while?

Otherwise I would wash it up