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smeta's Avatar smeta 02:13 AM 10-06-2002
My mil has asked me to crochet her 13 yr. old dog a sweater cause he's always shivering! Does anyone know where I could get a pattern on-line or have an idea to do it myself? I really only know basic crochet stuff, so I am thinking this may be a little too complicated!

serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 06:29 PM 10-06-2002
My mom made one for her elderly dog. it was basicly a blanket done in single stitch to fit the dog's back. In our dog's case it was about half the size of a baby blanket. then she just made a "breast peice" the same way, and sewed them together at the corners so the dog could put her head thru the opening. to the breast peice sewed two long crocheted ties...the ties went under and then up behind the dog's front legs to tie on top. I think I am explaining it right. It was super simple....sort of like a long 2 piece rectangle with two ties on one end. Vest like. She made up the pattern herself...but I am sure someone must have a pattern!
Good luck
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 06:32 PM 10-06-2002
smeta's Avatar smeta 01:44 AM 10-07-2002
Cool! Thanks so much for the idea and the link - those sweaters are so cute! I forwarded the link to my mil, maybe she'll want to buy a pattern for me, but I'm not sure I'd be too good at following it. I may just try to mimick what your mom did.
Thanks again