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kayakjen's Avatar kayakjen 02:44 AM 05-09-2005
I am frustrated by selections at my local fabric stores and looking for good places online. Where do you look for fabrics, especially jersey-type knit, cotton, and anything organic? It seems so hard to find great boyish fabric without the somewhat cheesy baby prints. Also, selections of knits are horrible here!

marisa724's Avatar marisa724 02:48 AM 05-09-2005
Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 08:58 PM 05-09-2005
Gees, I didn't realize Wazoodles was Canadian. No wonder my order is taking so long to get here. :

Anyway, gobs of links at Cookiepants website. Coincidentally, I just realized that the last fabric I bought over the internet was actually from Cookiepants herself.

Over at Amity's, the trend is to buy PRR or whatever, then overdye it to get new effects. Some of the stuff people are coming up with looks really interesting.
gethane's Avatar gethane 05:49 PM 05-10-2005
I just have to share this because I'm so excited. I went to www.hancockfabrics.com today to look for something, I forget what exactly, but I went into their Clearance section, and then something called Treasure Chest. And I got some steals! Solid color Northern Essence fleece, precut in yardages of 7/8 - 1 3/4, for as little as $1.71/yd! Also, I'd never signed my email up there before so I did that, and they sent me an email coupon for free shipping! I ended up buying about 15 yards of fabric for about $50 and no shipping charges! Bet that's going to be a big box with all the fleece I bought . Hope my daughters want fleece sweatshirts for winter.
Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 06:01 PM 05-10-2005
I never checked that Treasure Chest thingy before...OMG they have Purdue Boilermaker fleece! We're talking one-stop Christmas shopping! Woohoo!
gethane's Avatar gethane 06:20 PM 05-10-2005

I know! I know! I'm so excited about that Treasure Chest place! I've always wanted to try panne' and I got a 1 5/8 yd piece for $3.29!!
TrishWSU's Avatar TrishWSU 07:06 PM 05-10-2005
Holy Cow! They had Washington State University fleece! I got a yard and a half even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I've looking everywhere to find any kind of WSU fabric. Thanks for the tip.
gethane's Avatar gethane 07:52 PM 05-10-2005
I'm so glad I could help. This is like a secret.. uhh... Treasure Chest :LOL
gethane's Avatar gethane 06:47 PM 05-13-2005
I got my fabric! I got my fabric!

I waited all day for Mr. Brown Shorts. Finally, at 3:15 I HAD to leave to go pick up my daughter's papers for her route. And he came while I was gone (of course) Luckily, I've signed that little thing that says he can leave it, though I did leave a note with my son (14, homeschooled) saying to please leave it, just in case. I also told my son to tell the UPS man I would cry if he wouldn't leave it. :LOL

Wanna see a picture? Yes? Yes? I should've taken a picture of the box, but I've already hidden all the evidence (mwa ha ha!)

ETA pics because I am such a fabric geek

Here's all my fleece: http://prismbaby.com/miscpics/hancock01.jpg

And I'm a flannel addict, so when I see some, I usually have to get some: http://prismbaby.com/miscpics/hancock02.jpg

And the kstate fleece for my MIL. My IL'S are originally from kansas and my FIL graduated from kstate. http://prismbaby.com/miscpics/hancock03.jpg
Lynski's Avatar Lynski 06:54 PM 05-13-2005
I LOVE www.jandofabrics.com . Be careful though, you could easily drop a small fortune there.
Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 07:37 PM 05-13-2005
Oo oo oo Gethane, I was thinking about that crushed panne, too!

I haven't ordered yet. I've had a few too many boxes to hide this week as it is (ahem).
FitMOmmyOf2's Avatar FitMOmmyOf2 11:18 AM 05-20-2005
Oh wow, so many fabric sites I didn't know about! Thanks for that great post!
Alotasplainintodo's Avatar Alotasplainintodo 12:00 PM 05-21-2005
gethane's Avatar gethane 12:07 PM 05-21-2005
I also like www.fabricdepot.com

Their prices are high/retail, but its 30% all the time, and once in a while (used to be once a month) they'll run a 40% off everything sale. I've gotten some really really fun flannels there.
FitMOmmyOf2's Avatar FitMOmmyOf2 12:55 PM 05-21-2005
Thanks again, ladies, for your help with the links!

I've typed in 'blackout lining' and for ex. fabric.com came up with lots and lots of fabric in different colors. So I assume blackout lining doesn't necessarily has to be only white, correct???

Do you think it might also work only using a blackout lining (for ex. baby blue) behind the blinds that we have in DS's room??? (Now aside from the fact that it might not look as complete as with kid's curtains in front.. ) Right now we're quite tight on $ so I'm trying to save where ever I can...

I'd appreciate your opinion on that too!
Thank you!!!
FitMOmmyOf2's Avatar FitMOmmyOf2 01:02 PM 05-21-2005

I just looked at your HP and had a peek at your dipes. They're sooo cute!!!
Did you get the flannels/fabric for them at the fabricdepot???
What pattern are you using for your dipes??? Are they all pockets?-Now I'm hijacking my own post, coming back to my favorite subject: Dipes! :LOL
gethane's Avatar gethane 01:56 PM 05-21-2005
Originally Posted by FitMOmmyOf2

I just looked at your HP and had a peek at your dipes. They're sooo cute!!!
Did you get the flannels/fabric for them at the fabricdepot???
What pattern are you using for your dipes??? Are they all pockets?-Now I'm hijacking my own post, coming back to my favorite subject: Dipes! :LOL
Thanks! I got much of the bright colorful flannel at fabricdepot. I bought a couple flannel fat quarter packs when they were doing a 40% off sale. They don't have the pack I bought anymore . They actually inspired me to begin making dipes

The pattern is my own. I designed it, in part, so that it would fit on a prewashed fat quarter (18x22 but washing takes flannel down some). That is one reason I use tabs. I've been slowly working on getting a set pattern written down.

Yep, all pockets (well except the very early ones that show lay in soakers). I did months of reading before I really got started. And I didn't like the idea of long drying times of AIO's, and I didn't really want to make diapers AND covers. So I settled on pockets after trying a couple with lay in soakers that I didn't really like.

Dipes are so fun aren't they? It's hard not to keep coming back around to them.
mrsalf97's Avatar mrsalf97 02:18 PM 06-16-2005
nancy926's Avatar nancy926 05:27 PM 06-21-2005

This is the first time I've checked out this forum....I'm sort of a newbie sewing type, working on my first quilt. I've made some kids' clothes (mostly pants) and am starting to feel like I want to get back into that too.

boingo82's Avatar boingo82 07:41 AM 06-24-2005
www.diapershop.com Can't believe that one hasn't been mentioned yet.