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lizabird's Avatar lizabird 04:25 PM 06-16-2005
I know there are some folks here who did the organic co-op that started in January and didn't get fabrics in until just recently (or in some cases not at all).

I got some organic wool from that co-op and I love love love it.
But alas, I didn't get enough, apparently, because I am now totally addicted to dying it! Now I want to buy more organic wool at co-op prices. They had some at Near Sea Naturals when I was browsing during the co=op that wasn't outrageously expensive, but I looked yesterday and the cheapest wool they had was about $30/yard!! I am on a couple of organic goodies yahoo lists, but no one is doing organic wool.

Anyone know of any co-ops out there that are doing organic wool now, or sometime in the near future? Or anyone have any nice organic wool yardage they're willing to sell?

Never hurts to ask....

jaye_p's Avatar jaye_p 05:13 PM 06-16-2005

I woud love to get some organic wool!
elsie's Avatar elsie 05:22 PM 06-16-2005

I'd be interested too
amberb's Avatar amberb 01:46 PM 06-17-2005
There has been a little talk of one at this yahoo group. If we can get 50 yards then it's $15 a yard. hth
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 02:53 PM 06-17-2005
I was thinking I might be brave enough to try to organize a co-op. We're moving in 10 days so I'm not quite ready just yet, but sometime shortly after we move.... I was looking at some wool the other day and we could get much reduced prices if we could put together 60 yards of organic wool (that's from Near Sea Naturals). Are there enough people here who want that much wool that we could meet 60 yards? The last wool order I did, it came down to around $15/yard, if I remember correctly.
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 11:15 AM 06-18-2005
I'm very interested in buying some organic wool.
momtwoboys's Avatar momtwoboys 11:24 AM 06-18-2005
I would buy some. 3 yards prob.
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 03:28 PM 06-18-2005
Okay, I just changed the title of this thread, trying to get an idea of how many people are interested in buying some organic wool fabric, and how much you think you might like. I'll do a little more research over the next few days to see if I can get some price estimates and time estimates (since that last co-op I did took soooo long for the wool to come in, it was really hard to wait that long, but definitely worth it!)

So please post something about your interest and how many yards you might like and if it looks like there's enough interest here, I'll post/move over to the trading post co-ops.

Remember that wool tends to shrink a bit when felted, so if you think you will use 3 yards, you might want to consider getting 4, just to be sure you have enough.

treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 03:34 PM 06-18-2005
I'd want to get 4 yards.
bluey's Avatar bluey 04:50 PM 06-18-2005

I'd be in for a few...depending if I had the money at that time of course :LOL

(must curb fabric buying)
scheelimama's Avatar scheelimama 01:46 PM 06-20-2005
I'd be interested. I would want organic wool interlock. If the price is right, I'd probably want 10-15 yrds.
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 04:58 PM 06-21-2005
Scroll down towards the bottom to see "finished' and "unfinished" wool jerseys:

I have received a partial response from Near Sea Naturals. The wholesale price for the "finished wool jersey" is $20.90/yd, and they have it in stock and it could be shipped out next week.

I am still bugging them about the "unfinished wool jersey" wholesale prices, but I think it'll be in the vicinity of $15/yard.

Then I was also thinking about just regular (non-organic) natural colored wool (for those of us that are addicted to dying wool) which I suspect we can find somewhere wholesale for less than $7/yd. Which doesn't come with the good karma of "organic wool" but it's a heck of a lot cheaper!

What kinds of wool are people interested in? Organic (finished vs. unfinished)? Non organic? Is wool jersey okay? I have used both jersey and interlock and I have to say I really like the jersey much better, so that's my preference.

Post here with comments, please.
scheelimama's Avatar scheelimama 06:18 PM 06-21-2005
Well, I don't think I'd be buying much at those prices. I'd prefer the non-organic natural colored. I also prefer interlock.
Fluffhead's Avatar Fluffhead 08:34 PM 06-21-2005
well, ive entered into the world of dip dying...and wool has been my next victim for a while now but I havent had the opportunity to locate it yet....that said...

I would be most interested in the $7 yardage and in that case I would be getting upwards 4 r 5 yards....
when you get into the $15/yard than I am most likely only going to get a couple yards....

But yes definately interested!
lizabird's Avatar lizabird 12:33 AM 06-22-2005
I talked with a good friend today who is VERY into natural fibers, particularly wool, weaving, organic gardening, etc etc etc. I told her about this whole issue with "organic wool" vs. nonorganic wool, and she had some very interesting thoughts.

Unlike cotton, which is highly regulated and the term "organic" cotton is very rigidly defined, "organic" wool is not well regulated and much harder to define. Since most sheep are raised on small farms and eat natural stuff found in the fields and are not given hormones, most wool is pretty much natural just as it is. This all makes a lot of sense to me, and now I'm wondering why I want to pay $15/yd for more-or-less the same thing that I can get for $7/yd.

So with that in mind, I'm sorry to anyone who is desperately seeking organic wool... I have spent much of my computer time the last few days searching and searching for wool yardage, organic and non, and haven't found ANY open coops at the moment. The only place I can find that seems obviously willing to do organic wool wholesale is NearSeaNaturals, so if someone else wishes to pursue that, that's fine with me.

I think I would be VERY interested in doing a co-op for non-organic natural colored jersey. Maybe I'll start a new thread with that intent rather than taking over the organic wool discussion here.