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Ms.Doula's Avatar Ms.Doula 05:10 PM 05-08-2006
: Well, whatever works to educate the masses of mammas!!

We have to get em here somehow!

spero's Avatar spero 03:02 PM 08-16-2006
OK - now I'm getting more requests from "new members" than from actual MDCers.

I'm sorry to do this, but b/c since I posted the offer specifically for established MDC members, I have to deny the requests of those who are Googling or whatever and then signing up here just to PM me and ask for the pattern.

It's just getting too overwhelming. Sorry.
Canadianmommax3's Avatar Canadianmommax3 03:08 PM 08-16-2006

just edited to say i didn't do this but has pictures on how too!
doelkers's Avatar doelkers 06:53 PM 08-16-2006
rosie29's Avatar rosie29 08:30 AM 08-17-2006
Originally Posted by Canadianmommax3

just edited to say i didn't do this but has pictures on how too!
Also here is one that is supposed to be safer (apparently the other one may be a strangulation risk )
Scroll halfway down the page.
Kimberly848's Avatar Kimberly848 02:16 AM 10-15-2006
rosie29's Avatar rosie29 08:43 AM 10-16-2006
I suggest you use the directions on this page since the original poster is no longer mailing her pattern out. Try it! It's quite simple and very cute!
Originally Posted by rosie29 View Post

amandagaona123's Avatar amandagaona123 01:18 AM 11-04-2007
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 11:21 AM 11-04-2007
How should I make one for a child that I'm not sure what size they will be by next summer? It's for my niece for Xmas, but I'm hoping to have it fit her by next May (she will turn one year). Hmm..maybe I should just make it for her bday next year, duh!
spero's Avatar spero 06:29 PM 11-04-2007
: Geez, how did this old thing get bumped?!

Please see post 32.
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 07:52 PM 11-04-2007
I made two for DD years ago using the instructions from an issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

All you do is cut the closed end off close to the seam, cut armhole opening curves, sew bias tape binding around those, make casings of the cut pillowcase ends, then run ribbon through to hold it all together and up. Put on child then pull ribbon to size and tie.

She might've worn one of them once.
NewMama2007's Avatar NewMama2007 01:38 AM 11-05-2007
I did! I "eyeballed" a picture of one and it turned out wonderfully. DD has a pumpkin/fall one, one made out of candy corn fabric, and I'll be making her another one out of a candy-cane stripe pattern for the holidays, and I've also made matching headbands for each. They are so easy to make!
~Stephanie~'s Avatar ~Stephanie~ 10:02 AM 11-05-2007
I made some this summer, I didn't have this pattern though. Here are a couple of pics of some of the ones I made for DD.


AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 05:30 PM 12-04-2007
Those are super cute!
spero's Avatar spero 06:22 PM 12-04-2007
: Good gravy, I think the first two or three Google hits for "pillowcase dress" must be threads from MDC!
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