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shalena's Avatar shalena 05:05 AM 01-12-2006
I made this tutorial the other night and just finished putting it on the web. I hope it makes sense to everyone, let me know if I have missed a step or need to explain anything better. Its pretty late for me.

Fleece Cover Tutorial

muttix2's Avatar muttix2 10:00 AM 01-12-2006
Great tutorial! I only have one question, when you say to add one or two inches, do you add the inches around the whole diaper pattern? I'm saving your pattern now This is exactly what I needed
peverroad's Avatar peverroad 11:42 AM 01-12-2006
wow that's great it is just what i needed thank you soooo much!!!
blahdeblahblah's Avatar blahdeblahblah 11:53 AM 01-12-2006
That is EXCELLENT! So easy to follow and see what you are doing - thank you so much!
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 12:15 PM 01-12-2006
That's a great tutorial! Thank you so much!

Did you use a ball needle for sawing the elastic or normal? I've read that you should use ball needle so you don't damage the elastic.
shalena's Avatar shalena 03:03 PM 01-12-2006
muttix - yeah, I add the inches around the whole pattern equally.

Yin Yang - I just use my normal needle.
cathiasplace's Avatar cathiasplace 03:07 PM 01-12-2006
That is the best tutorial for putting on elastic that I have seen!! I have not yet sewn a diaper (waiting for my elastic and aplix), but I have been confused about elastic. Now, I understand. I am saving your tutorial. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
amberthesugarcat's Avatar amberthesugarcat 08:02 PM 01-12-2006
What an excellent tutorial and pics! You make it look so easy. You could use this on thin wool jersey also. I am going to do this on a thin wool sweater I bought.
winnie's Avatar winnie 03:54 PM 01-13-2006
Well that's sort of embarrassing. About an hour after this was posted yesterday, I posted a thread asking a bunch of questions about sewing a fleece cover. No wonder I didn't get any replies!! Teaches me to look before I ask.

Thanks so much for the tutorial!

SugrMagMama's Avatar SugrMagMama 04:54 PM 01-13-2006
What an awesome tutorial! All I can say is THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANKYOU!! I just started making dipes and covers and this is the most precise and accurate tuturial I have seen yet.

What a great job you have done!!
shalena's Avatar shalena 01:37 AM 01-14-2006
Thanks for all the nice comments.

I'm glad it can benifit some of you. I really love to sew, and if I can do anything to help others love it too, it makes me feel good.
ABand3's Avatar ABand3 01:47 AM 01-14-2006
cool! thank you for posting! I just today made my FIRST diaper - a fitted from recycled material, and have some fleece on the table waiting to become the cover - now I know exactly what to do! I'm going to go sew it now....
guestmama9911's Avatar guestmama9911 09:27 PM 01-15-2006
I am just learning to sew this year, and your tutorial makes a cover look like something I could actually do. Thank you!