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CathToria's Avatar CathToria 08:20 PM 01-19-2006
i am about to order from dharma. what type silk scarf is best for play silks? also, is 35x35 the best size? tia

E.V. Lowi's Avatar E.V. Lowi 08:29 PM 01-19-2006
I believe Habotai is the prefered type for scarves and wings. Playcloths and blankets could use a heavier denier for durabilty.
ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 10:36 PM 01-19-2006
The 8mm Habotai is the best weight for playsilks. 35x35 is a pretty standard size but you can also do 45x45 for bigger silks. The 10mm Habotai 45x72 sarongs are also great for big canopy size playsilks.
Quite honestly, you could do them in any size you want, they'll be just as fun

JenniferC's Avatar JenniferC 10:43 PM 01-19-2006
The 30" x 30" size is nice as well in 8 mm Habotai (I buy prehemmed scarves) particularly since you have a couple of younger children. I found with my toddler that sometimes the 35" x 35" was a bit on the longish side if being used for a cape or head-dress or anything (since she's only 3' tall herself!).
melamama's Avatar melamama 04:23 AM 01-21-2006
I think I also got some of the smaller 21.5x 21.5 in addition to 35 x 35.

They use them for smaller scale things--bundling up dolls, ties around their wrists, and we use this size most often on our nature table.
octobersweethearts's Avatar octobersweethearts 08:02 PM 03-04-2006
I also like the 11"x11" size for babies and toddlers. My 3 year olds have had some since they were babies and now they roll them to make bracelets or wrap up pretend presents!
CathToria's Avatar CathToria 11:30 PM 03-04-2006
Thanks for the input. I got some 21x21 AND some 35x35. We have dyed some 21x21 to play with. Thise are great for waving trough the air while dancing. The 35x35 will be dyed as a craft at dd's borthday parts, and each guest will take theirs home as a favor