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Are there any soap makers out there? I have a lye question.

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Hello fellow soapmakers!!

I have been making soap for 6 years now. I have always used the 'Red Devil Lye' that you find in a grocery store. Just recently they have taken all the lye in powered form out of the stores around this area.
So, I'm wondering how do you get lye b/c I know they don't ship lye to anyone, how do you get it?
I'm out of lye and have soap to make!! Please help
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Try calling around to the different stores and ask if they can special order you some. You will probably have to buy a case, but it sounds like you will need it ongoing. You will just need to find a really safe dry place to store it.
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Well, I do...I called around and found a place to order a box of lye.
I had a chance to get a box of lye uncontained, but what a mess that would make, especially having a youngin' around!
Thanks for the reply and suggestion!
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HAve you looked for Rooto brand Lye? They started selling it in Oct but check the label before you buy it, they said it would be a while before all stores got the new stuff. (the old stuff had other junk in it too)I bought some in Pennsylvania, but the stuff in Tenn. is still the old stuff. I know Ace HArdware carries Rooto.
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you can get bulk lye from she pkgs it in 2 lb bags. pretty reasonable prices.
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Carrie thanks for the link! But I just when to the site, & they are no longer selling soapmaking supplies. They will post more info in the next 3 weeks! Anyone have any other online sources?
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Erica....i KNOW IT!!! i just heardt hat too...what a bummer! if i find out about anyother lye suppliers i'll let you know.
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hi to all - i'm new to the group and joined specifically for this conversation about lye (of all things)!

i am currently waiting patiently for a batch of soap to sapofy having used the Rooto brand of lye. it's working, but it's taking a really long time.

i was unable to find a MSDS sheet for the Rooto brand of lye - i tried to make sure that it was 100% before making this batch, but went ahead and tried it.

i'll let you all know how it turns out - it's going on 3 hours (!) and i think i'll go ahead and pour and see what happens...stay tuned!
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the rooto brand is only 100% if it says so on the jar. They made some with added stuff prior to Oct 05, so that stuff might still be on the shelves. IF IT DOESN'T SAY 100% LYE, BEWARE!

Luminol, do you use a stick blender or a spoon to get it to trace? If you use a spoon, it might just be the combo of oils you used that is making it take so long. Keep us posted.
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Yes, the search for lye. I've made over 40 phone calls to chem companies, labs, plumbers, and various stores in my city with no luck. There are no local sources for me. I heard good things about this company on a soap forum and just placed my order yesterday. If you order the 2 lb containers, you can avoid the hazardous materials shipping charge which is a killer. 2 lb containers are much more practical for a small time soaper like me anyway. Even with shipping, the cost is about 50% of what I was paying locally for Red Devil. If you call them, they will give you a quote including shipping with no pressure to buy.
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03-10-2006 | Posts: 1,126
Joined: Aug 2003 and has it the hazmat fee on the big bags is 20$ so i'm just raising the price of my bar soap to cover it.
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Hi again!

I had good luck with the Rooto Brand. Even though it took forever to trace, I crossed my fingers and poured at 3.5 hours! Also, the color upon mixing the oils and the lye water was really orangey. In the past it's always a gold/flaxen color. But, after a week of curing, it all seems to be turning out fine.

I don't use a stick blender - although a friend of mine does and has had good luck. I've never had a batch take so long to trace before this one, so I didn't mind the manual stirring...but that may change.

I did contact the fine folks at Rooto Corp. via phone this past week, and they mentioned that their "pre-October 2005" product should not be used. And they also confirmed that what they sell is 100% sodium hydroxide.

Thanks to all for the info!! Happy soaping!
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04-12-2006 | Posts: 1
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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I just recently purchased red devil lye at a local feed store in my neck of the woods. If you live anywhere near a farming community this might be some place you just might want to try and contact. I would call first though, because upon calling around it seemed to be a 50/50 ratio of sellers.
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Would someone tell me what a stick blender is?
And where do you get them?
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Most department stores have them.

It is a long blendy thingie that is USUALLY used for mixing things in a cup.

The blendy part goes down into cup and it has long handle.

It works really well for soap.

like this
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If small amounts of lye are all you need you might check out Lowe's if you have them in your area. They sell Reobic brand lye in two lb containers.
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