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Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 01:40 AM 02-12-2006
Ladies, HELP ME PLEASE! I am really getting discouraged. This is gonna be long, bear with me please.

I've been using the VB fitted pattern, I've done up about 6 diapers from it now and so far NONE are right.

I ordered one from Tallulah Baby to see if it's the pattern or me, but that'll be at least a month and I'm really really really getting upset about this.

Last night I was talking with Jessica, the maker of the pattern, and she suggested I try a medium long. Which I did tonight, and it doesn't work either!

The first 3 I tried, shrunk in the wash down to a medium. The last 3 -- I think the first one I stretched (used knits) so it needs a cover for sure with it, the 2nd came out decent just the front sags down and it seems just overall too big on dd although it fits. Tonight I tried the medium long -- a medium of my pattern with 2 inches added in the crotch and 3 on each wing. 3 was too much The legs gape! It's really hard to describe, but I'll try. It's like... there's too much crotch, and where the leg openings start on the back (right under the wing) goes up too high in the back. I'll show some pictures (I didn't get the picture of what I'm describing, I wish I did!) later, DH is getting DD to sleep right now.

I just... gah. So discouraged. I just can't believe the pattern wouldn't fit dd for some reason, I just refuse to believe that. So I'm inclined to think it's my sewing.

Maybe I just need to try fabrics with absolutly NO stretch to it.. woven outer and birds-eye inners untill I get the TB diaper to try on her.

Do you think maybe 2 inches is too much for dd? Maybe I should just do one inch? That boggles my mind though, b/c I think the rise on a medium is 17, and dd's rise is 19.

It also doens't help that I can't seem to cut fabric straight! But that's another thread....

Pictures Here, Here, &

StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 02:04 AM 02-12-2006
It really could be the pattern. Some things just don't have the right fit, ya know. Some jeans in a size that should fit me don't fit me becausethey're too tight on the butt but gaping open too big on the waist. Maybe the very baby pattern isn't right for her??

I see snaps, right?
Try it side snapping! It may make a world of difference. The side snap vb fitteds that I made fit better than my front applix vb fitteds. I never tried a front snap.
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 02:08 AM 02-12-2006
PS... in that first picture it looks like maybe theres too much rise. It really looks like there is too much room in the crotch and that you could probably take an inch or 2 off...
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 02:10 AM 02-12-2006
Don't get too discouraged... we all have things that don't work out. You just need to refine the pattern for your child and maybe get a bit more practice!

I have the VB AIO pattern which isn't quite the same as the fitted pattern so take my advice with a grain of salt for sure! Definatly shorten those wings! They're way too long. Right now it looks like you'd need to really overlap them to get the diaper to fit better.

How's the elastic working in your diapers? It's looking like you're not getting much pull from it and that's part of the gapping problem. What are you using and how are you putting it in? How many layers is it pulling (and what's it pulling?!?) I think if you could get the elastic to pull better then you're diaper is going to be fine. It looks right on the rise, just not right in the legs/ elastic part.

Hope that's helpful. Really, we've all been there at some point.
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:10 AM 02-12-2006
Yes, snaps! But they're metal, and I'm running low on all the parts I need so I've stayed away from side snapping b/c it needs more snaps.

I do know side snapping fits my dd better, like I said above, I just haven't cause I dont' want to use up all the pieces needed whilst I am running out I need to make an order!

Want to know something really weird? The ones that shrunk... before they shrunk they fit really great before they got wwashed. I was sewing the soaker into the pattern and using birdseye, but the outer was knit, those were the only differences made between those and my newer ones. The one I did tonight, the outer is woven, and the inner is oc so it's like those first ones I made. I just don't get it. The first ones were also large. Ya know, I think I just answered my question. It's my own sewing.

I may have to go have a sewing day at my mom's as soon as I get a car (tax return!) and get a babysitter so I dont' have to worry about running after her while sewing, and she can point out any problems I'm making.
amberthesugarcat's Avatar amberthesugarcat 02:10 AM 02-12-2006
I have never used this pattern, so I can't offer any help. But I wanted to send you a big hug!!! I know how it feels when something does not work out and how frustrating it is. I have been lucky in sewing diapers since I bought the Darling Diaper pocket pattern and it has fit my ds really well. But everyone says that every baby is different and there is no diaper that fits every baby perfectly.

From the pictures I can tell it does not fit well, but I don't know enough to tell you what to change. I hope someone that can really sew comes and helps.
earthenware's Avatar earthenware 02:11 AM 02-12-2006
Okay, I'm going to guess that you are new to sewing, so I'm going to try some basics *please* forgive me if this is stuff you're already doing!!

First thing that comes to mind is about the shrinking - you should wash your fabrics first, before you cut or sew. The thing about the fabric for fitteds is that they are absorbant, so not synthetic, they are supposed to shrink at the first wash! What I do is put all my yardage in my machine and send it through the same wash I do with my dipes. This also straightens out the weave of the fabric.

Okay, not sure about this, but if you are having any issues with the diaper 'warping' after you wash it, you might not be cutting your fabrics on the grain. You can rip the edges of a woven to get a straight edge (just snip with scissors and rip), then use the straight edges to make sure your pattern is on straight (measure from a fold line in the middle of the pattern to the edge at 2 places) or if you are putting a 1/2 pattern on a fold, just make sure you fold is straight. If you are using many layers, each one might be cut a little off and pulling at the shape of the diaper.

As for the fit issues, that's a tough one. This might not be the 'right' way, but if I was you, I would take a diaper I already own and like the fit of, then trace it onto wax paper (you might need DH to help stretch out the dipe), then add a seam allowance (just hold two markers together and trace the line). I'd take this wax paper and lay it over the VB pattern and see what's going on. Then, I'd lay another piece of wax paper and trace the lines from each pattern that are working for your DD. The general shape and elastic placement should be closer to the VB and I would think that all directions would still apply. This sounds complicated but it's not!

Okay, I have no idea what your cutting issues might be but if you are having serious problems and getting frustrated, you might try cutting just one layer (an outside layer) and get it just right, then just take rectangles of your other fabrics and lay them under and pin the heck out of them all... then sew all around, using the top piece as a guide, and cut the other layers to match afterward.

I really hope that helps with even a little bit of this!
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:12 AM 02-12-2006
Jes, you know, I wondered about the elastic. Maybe it's the organic cotton that's too much for the elastic? I'm pretty sure what I'm using is swimsuit elastic, and I've noticed that it's not pulling as much as it should, even though I'm stretching it as much as I can when sewing it on. Maybe the OC has too much weight? I'm sewing the elastic onto 2 layers of OC, then putting an outer layer on, so it's pulling 3 layers.
JLav's Avatar JLav 02:15 AM 02-12-2006
I agree that side snapping might work better. It looks like you did a really good job sewing it though! Are you serging or T&T?
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:21 AM 02-12-2006
earthenware-- I learned my lesson about prewashing, that's for sure! Everything I'm using right now has been prewashed at least twice on hot, then dried on hot.

Ok, you seirously lost me at the grain thing. NO idea what you're talking about, and yes, pretty darn new to sewing. I'm really trying to get what you're saying about it... do you mean after ripping the fabric to get a straight edge, put the back (wings) of the diaper right on the edge then cut? The pattern is a half diaper...

JLav -- I wish I were serging! I might be having an easier time. But alas, no serger for me

Anyone have ideas on the elastic issue that Jes'Beth mentioned? Maybe the 1/4 inch swimsuit elastic is not enough for it? Maybe I need to up to 1/2" for the OC?

I really appreciate you guys helping me out, I am at my wits end. I am, for some reason, attached to this pattern, and I just cant' force myself to believe it's the pattern... I really feel like it's something I'M doing wrong... but that could be a sewing complex all in my head. But that's another story that's too long to put into this already too long reply
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 02:27 AM 02-12-2006
When I couldn't get my elastic to pull well enough in my prefitteds I changed to wider elastic. I just couldn't pull any harder and the prefold was a lot to pull. I use a 3 step zig zag which works better for me than a regular zig zag. You've gotten some good suggestions from others here and I agree that it might not be your sewing but your pattern but I think if you could just get that elastic to gather your legs in a bit more the rest looks okay (given that you already know the tabs are too long.)

You will figure it out! It took me 4-5 testers to get my diapers working. Lots of refinements and figuring out how to sew things. I have a lot of scraps kicking about my sewing room that I've practiced various things on.
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:29 AM 02-12-2006
K, I need to make a list now! lol I need some posterboard, a hole puncher (for my other thread about cutting out lol) and some wider elastic

I may be making a diaper order tonight... any suggestions? *teehee*
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 02:32 AM 02-12-2006
I'd get polybraid elsastic. Do you use the 3 step zig zag for the elastic?
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:33 AM 02-12-2006
Nope using the reglar zig zag, I guess the 3 step is stronger?
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 02:48 AM 02-12-2006
The 3 step lets it stretch and retract waaaay better. The regular zig zag sucks for sewing in elastic. Set the 3 step at the longest it goes... and sew through the elastic pulled tight. Oooh, you'll be amazed at the difference!!!
Here's the inside of one of mine....
You can't see the 3 step.... but you can see how good the elastic bunches. And it's the 2 mil PUL so it's a bit stiff-ish too.
And here's Carmen in it... you'll see how it should fit...
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 02:55 AM 02-12-2006
How cute is your babe?!

The diaper is great too of course

You gals have me wanting to try again tonight! Im not sure how it'll work out though, since dd is teething and as been night waking again
Kari_mom's Avatar Kari_mom 03:18 AM 02-12-2006
How frustrating for you!

I would try 3/8 inch elastic. I don't think quarter-inch is enough, and 1/2 inch would be too wide. In the pictures, it almost looks like you didn't even use elastic, so I am sure a switch will help.

Have you considered a ISO on the Diaper TP for a VB fitted? Even if you don't like used, it might get you one this week so you can keep working.

It might just be that the fit isn't right for your dd, but I think you can tweak it with the ideas here to make it work.
earthenware's Avatar earthenware 03:23 AM 02-12-2006
About the grain: for a 1/2 pattern, just rip the fabric to get a straight edge, then fold a piece over (perpendicular to the straight edge, you know?), that way you know your fold is straight, then your fabric will be straight when you cut it. (The other part about the fold line was just to find the true middle of a full pattern.) It's just my longwinded way of trying to avoid that thing when you buy a cheap t-shirt and wash it and then the shirt goes all crooked!

I also think you need stronger elastic. I use 3/8 usually.
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 03:30 AM 02-12-2006
Just promise to use the 3 step zigzag!
3/8 elastic is good. I actually use 1/4 inch for sm/med and 3/8 for larges.
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 05:49 AM 02-12-2006
oh yes i will definitly start with a 3 step, and i just ordered some 3/8 polybraid too late to start something new tonight, and i'm afraid it'll wake my babe up if i do

thanks everyone i will update this if things improve or just post something new
rebeccalizzie's Avatar rebeccalizzie 01:05 PM 02-12-2006
I wanted to comment on the half pattern thing--I have a half pattern that you are supposed to place on the fold. I've been sewing for years, and I've finally figured out a while back that I cannot cut straight if a fold is involved--it goes wonky no matter what I do. So I traced my pattern to have a full diaper pattern instead of a half pattern. I traced all the markings and everything (if you have some, tracing it onto medium weight interfacing is awesome--it folds up really nicely to store and is stronger and more durable than paper). Now I just lay my entire pattern onto 3 or 4 layers of fabric, pin, and cut. Or I use pattern weights and cut with my rotary cutter, but regardless, I don't cut on the fold anymore.

I also agree that your elastic is too narrow, I'm using 1/4 inch for NB and small dipes. I use three layers of fabric, and when I go to do mediums I'm *definitely* going to have to use 1/2 or 5/8 inch. I can tell, the small is even pushing it with 1/4 inch.
Wyattsmommie04's Avatar Wyattsmommie04 02:25 PM 02-12-2006
I have reason to believe that I am not using the 3 step zig-zag. It might be because I have no idea what it is. Any help? Thanks.
Jayneysews's Avatar Jayneysews 03:43 PM 02-12-2006
Hi regarding the one which fitted well but gaped at the front,my fitted ones I put a bit of elastic throught the front too,just in the same way as lots of patterns do on the back !
I cannot claim to know whether this will work as it is a newborn stash for a baby due in a coupla months !!
It sounds to me like a combination of issues!!!
My first piece of advice though,which is born through 11 years of sewing and designing sun hats ,slippers shoes,all sorts of things,is to only evertry one new tweak or ammendment at once,so that you can see the result!
Plus I never,ever make just a one off thing to try, I always make a pattern of the trail thing!
I also keep a little notebook by my machine and write things down like stitch size,tension,and width of elastic and all that for each new thing I made so that i can work backwards.
It all sounds slightly anal,but i am a mad creative type,belive me,and I have lived to regret,all the times I have made a jacket from no pattern and just totally forgotten how I did it! Then someone has asked me to make thier baby one for cash and I have no clue how to reproduce what i did!!!
Don't get disheartened with it all!!!
Abbyloos Mommy's Avatar Abbyloos Mommy 03:33 PM 02-15-2006
Jayney the VB does have elastic in the front

Success! I did up a new med-long pattern with only 1.5 inches added in instead, and used some flannel, since I'm tired of using my good stuff (yeah I know I should have been using the cheap stuff from the begining) and them not working out. I also did side-snapping this time and we have a great fit, it actually fits like a SB... I'm a little concerned that her butt is not getting enough coverage. So, I'm pretty sure it's the pattern and not me, which is what everyone has been telling me anyway.

I just got my hands on the DD pattern, so I will be printing that off soon to try. The way the medium fits on her, I know the large in VB will be way too big, so I will try the DD next. I do want to try the VB in flannel though too, just to see how it fits.

Oh, I did use the 3 step zig zag and 3/8 elastic

I didn't make it very absorbant, whoops. It's only going to catch one pee with my super soaker.

Now I just gotta try fixing all the other ones... ugh ripping. I hate ripping and cutting out. Who doesn't?

shalena's Avatar shalena 04:25 PM 02-15-2006
Looks great!
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 05:05 PM 02-15-2006
It looks awesome! Doesn't it feel good?!?!?! And the 3 step zigzag is nice, isn't it?
Jayneysews's Avatar Jayneysews 05:15 PM 02-15-2006
Hurrah! hurrah!!!!
Hey,i just got the DD pattern,i love the side snapping option for the pocket fitted!