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Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 10:15 PM 03-07-2006
I learned the art of T&T today
It is gorgeous when done straight And learned how to make the legs ruffley and girly WOOHOO!
Need to order sherpa and OV and orgnai cotton fleece
anyone know where I can get some?

mum2be's Avatar mum2be 10:26 PM 03-07-2006
How do you do that??? Do you need anything special?
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 10:50 PM 03-07-2006
Nope jsut a regular sewing machine
I'll post diaper pics later tonight after the kids are asleep
mum2be's Avatar mum2be 08:59 PM 03-08-2006
And instructions too?
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 11:23 PM 03-08-2006
I cut both inner and inner out. sewn the elastic on the inside of the outer fabric. not through both fabrics. Then aI sew wrong sides together(i use DD pattern so I turn it the right way through the wings) then ?After i get it the right way I go over it and make sure to stretch the elastic. I try to get as close as I can to the outside of the outer fabric
It make it ruffley and professional looking.
I can take pics of every step if you need it I use a QD soaker and sew it in the back I zig zag over the edges for that.
Rachel Flores's Avatar Rachel Flores 01:40 AM 03-09-2006
I agree T&T is nice! I have a serger and love to use it for doublers and inserts and stuff, but lately I've been making T&T fitteds cause they look so clean lined. I like to do mine with the elastic sewn onto the seam alowance and then sewing around the elastic when topstiching.
weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 11:52 PM 03-09-2006
I'd love to see pics
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 12:57 PM 03-10-2006
The pics are here someone
I'll look for it and bump it.
mum2be's Avatar mum2be 12:52 PM 03-11-2006
Pics? Oooo! Me, me, me!! I wanna see
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 12:57 PM 03-11-2006

It's the purple castle diaper
Sorry the link is so long
blessed with boys's Avatar blessed with boys 05:04 PM 03-11-2006
It wont let me see the dipes, do I need to have a login and password?
shalena's Avatar shalena 05:15 PM 03-11-2006
I can't see either!
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 09:27 PM 03-11-2006
peekyboo's Avatar peekyboo 10:15 PM 03-11-2006
That castle print is so cute! I also like the blue striped one.
StrawHatBrat's Avatar StrawHatBrat 10:36 PM 03-11-2006
I know.
That's how I do all mine.
Nothingbutbreast's Avatar Nothingbutbreast 10:43 PM 03-11-2006
I love that blue striped wool It's my favorite and so soft

I bought some hemp fleece and OCF so hopefully this week I'll be sewing again