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tenecwalker's Avatar tenecwalker 02:14 PM 03-21-2006
I was at my Joann's last night and thought I would let everyone know they had microfleece 50% off. I think it was like $5.97 or $4.97 a yard


Candice2boys's Avatar Candice2boys 03:47 PM 03-21-2006
Oh I'm going there today! Thanks for the heads up!
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 05:22 PM 03-21-2006
Oh man, that's the last thing I need to know Spending way too much money on fabrics lately!
Kari_mom's Avatar Kari_mom 05:58 PM 03-21-2006
(Hands over ears) La La La - I don't hear you!
webjefita's Avatar webjefita 11:40 PM 03-21-2006
Really? Is it advertised in their flier, because I didn't see it. I'll head there in the morning, though! Thanks!
tenecwalker's Avatar tenecwalker 01:18 AM 03-22-2006
I don't know. I just happened to be there and saw the sign.

JeDeeLenae's Avatar JeDeeLenae 12:57 PM 03-22-2006
I saw it for $3.99 where I live. I guess this is a good deal??
ThreeTimesAMama's Avatar ThreeTimesAMama 02:49 PM 03-22-2006
Oh yeah, it is. At mine I just bought a yard on sale at 50% off and it was $4.99. Can't imagine paying full price for the stuff!
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 03:23 PM 03-22-2006
It's $5.99/yd online too! (for those like me who don't have a Joann's) Only problem is that the color selection isn't real great. : Why is it so hard to find WHITE microfleece?!?!?
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 04:48 PM 03-23-2006
So I went to take a look and man EVERYTHING seems to be on sale! and serious sale!! Plus they have HUGE (I mean huge - I'd say at least 150 fabrics) clearance that I have never noticed before! I my.....good I am broke till tomorrow.
webjefita's Avatar webjefita 01:12 PM 03-27-2006
Are they still having this sale? I think I missed it! Went and had a baby and haven't been out of the house!
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 01:20 PM 03-27-2006
Originally Posted by webjefita
Are they still having this sale? I think I missed it! Went and had a baby and haven't been out of the house!
it should be till April 1st.
ThreeTimesAMama's Avatar ThreeTimesAMama 06:23 PM 03-27-2006
Before you rush out and buy a ton of their fleece...just wanted to post my evaluation so far on the solid microfleece that I bought. I prewashed it (can't stand to sew fabric with the icky store smell), cut out, and am sewing the dipes now. The back side of the micro is already pilling up just from one washing and being handled. The face of the fabric, though, that will touch baby is still nice. I am not terribly impressed with the quality compared to the Malden Mills microchamois and the Tonitex micro I bought from OSDS. The JoAnns is stretchier and fluffier, making it harder to sew as well. In future, I think I'm going shell out a few more $$ per yard for what I think is better stuff.
raversangel's Avatar raversangel 08:37 PM 04-01-2006
just wanted to add that mm fleece is always 5.98 at www.denverfabrics.com