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stClaire's Avatar stClaire 08:12 PM 01-19-2002
My grandma tried to teach me when i was little but wasn't a patient teacher so i gave up...

The other night a group of women i know got together for a knitting circle and my friend taught me to knit *and* i picked up on it really fast (she told me that my knitting was the neatest she'd seen for someone just learning )

I just had to blow my own horn. Whats next??

Also, isn't knitting the most relaxing thing?? I love it

Blessings, Kelly

wishful's Avatar wishful 12:01 AM 01-20-2002
Way To GO!!

I just love to knit! I have at least 3 things going at all times. Right now I am looking for the pattern to the Pi shawl. I can't afford either of the two books they are in, but I really want to knit it for my bun in the oven!

Keep us up to date on what you are making. I really like to make dish cloths. They are small and fast, plus you can use them or give them away.

Good Luck and HAPPY KNITTING!!!!
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 05:25 AM 01-23-2002

I love to knit and I have really found it to be a lot easier than crocheting...
lilypad's Avatar lilypad 12:48 AM 02-02-2002
i love knitting too!! my mom got me into knitting last christmas. so far i have made 3 sweaters for dd and a scarf. one sweater is super cute, it is a hooded cardigan and is made with stripes of colour.i especially like knitting for babies since they are so small and fast to do. does anyone have any good sites for ordering yarn on the web? there are NO knitting stores around here and walmart's selection is severely lacking.
and don't let anyone tell you knitting's not cool, just last week i heard a story on NPR about how knitting is now becoming trendy :cool:
mama love's Avatar mama love 01:33 AM 02-04-2002
I used to knit with my grandma but I have'nt done it in years.I would like to try again.I saw a program on tv that said knitting is almost as good as meditating.Awesome eh!I geuss now is a good time to start since I know that I need some good old DEEP RELAXATION!!

mom at home's Avatar mom at home 10:11 PM 02-04-2002
YEAH!! Knitting is so much fun. I just started spinning wool which I love, it is very meditative, (except when the kids want to help) and I'm getting better everyday. I'm about to knit a hat for my dd from the yarn I spun. My dd started knitting recently and made a scarf for her little sis. I love that my kids are into it as well!

Parthenia's Avatar Parthenia 04:06 PM 02-05-2002
This is going to sound really corny, but knitting changed my life! It's creative outlet and meditational practice. DH and I took a knitting class together when I was pregnant 3 yrs ago. I took to knitting like spots on a ladybug! I have since taught three other people to knit, and am in the process of starting up a mom's fiber craft circle. I got a spinning wheel for Christmas, at which I'm happily struggling to be proficient ("struggling" being the operative word here). I have just started felting, which is really fun. I made dd a knitted and felted brimmed witch's hat, and a scrap yarn pixie hat for myself. If anyone wants the guidelines (I can't really call it a pattern because I just sorta made it up as I go along) read on, I'll post it separately in case it should go under another thread...

Good luck, St Clair, and welcome to the wonderful world of fiber art!