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pinky's Avatar pinky 10:50 AM 05-10-2006
Can anyone steer me towards a peasant or smock-style dress pattern? Something like this: http:// or even simpler, like this: or this:

OMG my mama brain, those links just about killed me!

thanks for any suggestions!

scrapadoozer's Avatar scrapadoozer 12:39 AM 05-11-2006
Simplicity 5118 is a really nice peasant dress pattern.
lupineperriwinkle's Avatar lupineperriwinkle 09:46 AM 05-11-2006
All of those pictures are pretty much pillowcase dress with sleeves. There are a few tutorials online for how to make them. I'll see if I cna find them for you.

Also, check out I think they have it in their file/dowloads section at the top of the page.
Boobiemama's Avatar Boobiemama 01:41 AM 05-14-2006
The fern and faeirie smock pattern is the simplest one I have ever seen. Very easy to sew!
pinky's Avatar pinky 08:49 AM 05-14-2006
Thanks everyone for your replies. I hadn't ever seen! Thanks for that link! I think I could spend all day looking at that site. And I found the pillowcase dress tutorial.

I didn't realize that Fern & Faerie had a smock pattern--I'll go check it out!