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mama2ashlynn's Avatar mama2ashlynn 10:46 PM 05-23-2006
My mom came to visit me (she lives in another state) this weekend and FINALLY (after 26.5 years) she taught me how to sew. She lent me her old Singer 1411 sewing machine that is real old but does the job. Also lent me her old Elnita Lock T3 that is quite old too. But hey...you gotta start somewhere. So after some instructions and some coaching I finished my first outfit. A dress and bloomers for my 16 mo daughter. The old Singer needs a tune up because the button hole maker wasnt sewing correctly.I am going to get the tune up this weekend. Until then, I have safety pins in place of where the buttons will go, but you get the idea. What do you all think?!







minicooper's Avatar minicooper 10:52 PM 05-23-2006
Absolutely adorable!!!!!!

Great job for the first creation!!

I wish I could do that
fek&fuzz's Avatar fek&fuzz 10:54 PM 05-23-2006
So cute! Very nice job for your first project. May you have many joyful years of sewing .
WuWei's Avatar WuWei 10:56 PM 05-23-2006
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 11:19 PM 05-23-2006
Congrats!! That is a great first try! I have been sewing for awhile and I still can't sew outfits like that .
Kathryn's Avatar Kathryn 11:23 PM 05-23-2006
Wow! Did you use a pattern?
Kajira's Avatar Kajira 01:42 AM 05-24-2006
That's great for a first job, you can't tell at all, you did awesome
mama2ashlynn's Avatar mama2ashlynn 02:53 AM 05-24-2006
Thanks for the comps ladies. It makes me feel really good. I am actually working on dress #2 right now. Same pattern yet totally different material, fabric and this time I am using yellow rick rack. I will post when I am done. Hopefully by tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Kathryn
Wow! Did you use a pattern?
yup! I used a McCall's Easy Stitch N Save pattern from Walmart. Cant beat the price.
Kathryn's Avatar Kathryn 01:14 PM 05-24-2006
What number, if you don't mind me asking? I might just have to force myself in that store to pick one up.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 01:15 PM 05-24-2006
That's adorable!!
rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 01:18 PM 05-24-2006
great job!

weird thing is I have that pattern sitting right here in front of me! i think you just inspired me to drag out my sewing machine!

(btw it's #M4421 and the price is $1.99)
E.V. Lowi's Avatar E.V. Lowi 06:20 PM 05-24-2006
I especially love the design elements that you selected; The way that the delicate neckline trim accents the small flower print. It really pops! This garment looks professionally designed. Bravo!!
mama2ashlynn's Avatar mama2ashlynn 01:58 AM 05-26-2006
Awh you guys are too kind. I am just about done with dress #2. Got side tracked yesterday. I am doing the same pattern again but with a fun/funky fabric design and with yellow rick rack and buttons. I may even go and find a little fake yellow flower to sew on the front under the bust. Not sure what you would call that but I think it might look cute on this dress. We will see. Oh and the pattern is McCall's "Easy Stich N Save" #M4421. And it cost my mom $1.99! Cant beat it. I usually dont shop at Walmart either, but my mom got me the pattern there. And I might make an exception to shop there now that I am learning to sew and it is the closest place to buy fabric in 15 miles.
I will post pics of the new dress tomorrow. Hope it comes out just as nice as the first. :
Jooksta's Avatar Jooksta 08:01 AM 05-26-2006
Wow, it's beautiful! Sewing is so much fun!
And you'll save money too (unless you become a fabraholic like me and you buy more fabrics than you could ever sew!).
scrapadoozer's Avatar scrapadoozer 10:14 AM 05-26-2006
Very cute! I love the trim you used.
p.s's Avatar p.s 12:40 PM 05-27-2006

boingo82's Avatar boingo82 09:41 PM 06-01-2006
Wow! That turned out great, especially for a first project!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 11:57 AM 06-02-2006
Originally Posted by Jooksta
Wow, it's beautiful! Sewing is so much fun!
And you'll save money too (unless you become a fabraholic like me and you buy more fabrics than you could ever sew!).
Hey, now. Being a fabriholic saves money in the long run (this is what I tell dh and myself to keep from admitting I may have a problem...)! I never have to go to the store to buy a baby gift. I go down to the stash and get a bunch of darling fabrics that I bought ON SALE and make a layette or receiving blankets that you can actually wrap AROUND a baby and bibs and burp cloths (with cpfs) to match. I always make table cloths and napkins for wedding gifts (and am just about always able to find their color scheme in my stash, and if I can't I make white or ecru, to go with any pattern china!), too, with fabric I bought on sale and/or with a coupon. I buy stuff at the end of the season and next year make my kids wardrobes (or part of them, depending on how much free time I have) with fabric I got for a dollar a yard, sometimes two...and it fits THEM perfectly! So, think of it that way...you may spend a lot at the fabric store initially, but in the end it SAVES you money!

AND OH! The possibilities you see when you look at your stash of fabric...
L&IsMama's Avatar L&IsMama 08:46 PM 06-05-2006
Wow! That's beautiful! Especially for your very 1st project!
bethanyclaire's Avatar bethanyclaire 09:12 PM 06-05-2006
Absolutely gorgeous! I totally agree that the color choices are just fabulous! That looks waaaaaay better than my first project, LOL!!!!
Patchy Dragon's Avatar Patchy Dragon 12:25 PM 06-07-2006
AWESOME JOB!! I love the fabric too.
goldgypsymama's Avatar goldgypsymama 02:45 AM 06-09-2006
Wow! Keep it up!
mrspilkington's Avatar mrspilkington 08:53 AM 06-09-2006
lovely work! i just learned to sew too...my stuff doesn't look nearly as professional , but i'm having fun! here are some pics:
SugrMagMama's Avatar SugrMagMama 11:34 AM 06-12-2006
WOO HOO! YOU ROCK! Keep up the awesome work! Sewing is soooo much fun and welcome to the sewing world!
americastamps's Avatar americastamps 08:34 PM 07-01-2006
What a great lil' outfit. I'm so impressed. I just took my first sewing class and at the next lesson we get to cut the pattern and fabric. I can't wait. I hope I can make something half as nice as yours.
Way to go!
magpie mamma's Avatar magpie mamma 01:09 AM 07-07-2006
Very nice, makes me want to drag out my old singer too. I think I may have a similar pattern too.
aprons_and_acorns's Avatar aprons_and_acorns 01:11 AM 07-07-2006
So cute! Good job
elanorh's Avatar elanorh 03:16 AM 07-07-2006
I love the fabric! I bought it and made my daughter something out of it, too, quite awhile ago. I don't usually use pink (but it does look good on Ina) - Ina likes bright colors and this was a bright enough print I thought she'd wear, I made her a little sundress out of it (she's nearly 3). She's already refused some things I've made for her, because they were too subdued in color/pattern (!! ). So from now on, she gets the bright stuff all the time, none of this "neat little blue plaid" stuff.