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BirthFree's Avatar BirthFree 11:46 PM 06-03-2006
And it turned out great! There is a link that shows how you can modify the snug wrap pattern to make a double layer wool cover with snaps (or aplix) and while I used the general pattern, I changed the elastic placement and like it a lot better (I put it in towards the center about 1/4" and used lastin and only on the inside layer on all 3 elastic areas - I did that before I sewed the two sides together and top stitched).

(The link:

Anyways... just wanted to pass that on for those who love wool but don't knit (or do, but want to do covers faster). I had kind of learning curve (lol!) where I undid the stitching to the entire thing so I could re-do the elastic the way I described above (the directions didn't work for me) and I like it a lot better... so the next ones should go quickly. I have about a yard and a half (maybe 2?) and I got a newborn (with one seam on the inside to complete the inside layer), 2 smalls and 2 mediums out of that wool - woohoo!