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AmandaBL's Avatar AmandaBL 10:19 PM 08-18-2006
Know of one?

Clarinet's Avatar Clarinet 01:58 AM 08-19-2006
AmandaBL's Avatar AmandaBL 09:35 AM 08-19-2006
Thanks! I searched & searched. Is it just me or is the search feature not so good since the switch?
Clarinet's Avatar Clarinet 11:38 AM 08-19-2006
I had replied to that thread so I searched this forum for "shoe" and then located the post in which I had replied.
AmandaBL's Avatar AmandaBL 05:51 PM 08-19-2006
Go figure! I searched Show - Soft Shoe - Soft Sole & all of those with Pattern. I must have bad luck!
doelkers's Avatar doelkers 07:59 PM 08-22-2006
andisunshine's Avatar andisunshine 04:10 PM 08-24-2006
Originally Posted by doelkers
I just wanted to add that I tried to open page one of this pattern and keep getting a blank page, so all the shoe pieces are not there. Too bad because the pattern looks so cute! And when I printed out the other pieces it was obvious that the scale was off but there was no reference to one inch.