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RasJane's Avatar RasJane 12:08 PM 10-07-2006
We're getting set...
We're almost ready...
He likes his potty!

But I have no potty training pants

I have looked at Darling Diapers, New Conceptions, and Fern and Faerie. I am looking for something easy to use, with options. what do you like, what did/does your little potty learner like?
I have a chubby 2 year old with a teeny waist. I will probably make they side opening since he likes to really *straddle* that potty!


alisonbr's Avatar alisonbr 08:41 PM 10-09-2006
I was looking for answers, not planning on giving them, but here's what I've done: I have so many diaper patterns that I really balked at buying another one. I find the Wonderbaby poquito pants pattern very appealing, but can't justify spendint $25 on it!

So I bought the Jalie underwear pattern, with sizes 2 to infinity (okay, not really), and created my own pattern. It snaps on the sides, and can pull on. I suppose I could have made it just snap on one side, but I didn't! It is relatively low cut, which I think just works better since it doesn't get puffy. I'd be happy to take a picture of my pattern (it's on gridded tracing paper) if that would be any use.

mama to three boys
CJ 5's Avatar CJ 5 04:49 PM 10-15-2006
I recently purchased the fern one. It has a nice size range and is basically a pannie with a maxipad style soaker sewn in. I would say that it is a very easy sew project. I personaly didn't like it much. I am one of those that likes to sew and turn right side out. I did this with their pattern ( like you are making a poo pocket) and it worked great. I also tried Graces free potty training pattern and found the crotch just way to wide. If you have made any kind of diaper in the past you could probably create your own quite easily. for my 2 year old girl basically a pul outside and a terry inside catches a pretty strong wet without stuffing. The only thing is once they start potty training they go through it so quick I had her in regular 2T in 3-4 weeks.
walkinthepark's Avatar walkinthepark 01:16 AM 10-16-2006
You might try the Wee Weka patterns too.

sabrinat's Avatar sabrinat 01:13 PM 10-16-2006
I have the darling diaper potty dance pattern, haven't tried it though. The wee weka looks very similar and it's free!
sofysmommy's Avatar sofysmommy 01:17 PM 10-16-2006
I have to say the darling diaper potty dance pattern It is easy.I made one and am working on a second.
tippytoes26's Avatar tippytoes26 05:28 PM 10-19-2006
if you want to go super simple, you could just sew a soaker/doubler into undies you already have for your little one. if you size up a size, it helps you sew and helps them fit well with the little extra bulk. then, use fleece and wool pants in place of a diaper cover. it doesn't give you side snaps, but we kind of looked at it like this.. if we're having lots of poop accidents, then potty training should be put off a little while.. and the occational one in pants without side snaps isn't a big deal.

my daughter liked the panties I made for her this way.