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Annikate's Avatar Annikate 11:18 PM 10-26-2006
I'm getting ready to make my first doll ever! (Well, second if you count the one I made in 4H when I was 10. )

I've made my own rudimentary pattern. I'm going to hand-sew it and stuff it with wool.

What type of material is best? I looked at the muslin but they all seem so thin. I remember so clearly that doll I made when I was a girl and it seemed like the material we used was like a canvas.

Any advice would be most appreciated!

Mama2E&O's Avatar Mama2E&O 10:22 AM 10-27-2006
what type of doll are you planning to make? A rag style doll, or a waldorf doll?
For a rag doll I use cotton muslin-type fabric. I think canvas would be rather thick?
For a waldorf doll you'd need a stretchy knit fabric.
Annikate's Avatar Annikate 11:20 AM 10-27-2006
Well, I'm going to sew it and stuff it so it would essentially be a ragdoll.
Mama2E&O's Avatar Mama2E&O 01:53 PM 10-27-2006
Oh you'll have fun making a ragdoll! In my experience, kids love this kind of doll.
Though I use cotton muslin, I think you can really use anything you want to make the doll.
Good luck!