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branwyn's Avatar branwyn 03:06 PM 04-16-2003
just finished this one, its powder blue (matches her eyes, awwwww LOL).
wanted to share!
i am also working on piecing a quilt, making drapes for the kitchen, learning how to make soap, in the middle of a painting and i am always making patchy clothes! what is everyone else working on?

Sandra Dee's Avatar Sandra Dee 05:42 PM 04-16-2003
I am working on NOTHING!
I need a hobby SO badly!!!!!!!!

I am going nuts without any autonomy here. Since we moved, no school, no gym.

I've got to find SOMETHING to do!!! (But with three kids, it's not that easy).

Everything I want to do is SO expensive and DH immediately vetos it. (Especially since my snap press is on the way! )
hydrangea's Avatar hydrangea 03:32 PM 04-18-2003
That is so sweet!

I've been knitting a hat for a friend's new baby, and I am planning on doing pysanky (ukrainian easter egg dying) today.
Nikki Christina's Avatar Nikki Christina 05:29 AM 04-23-2003
thats so cute!

Im getting a sewing machine very soon.. I cant wait