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Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 01:08 AM 02-20-2002
Waaaaaaa I think my craft partner is GONE!

Still looking for Dakotahblu.........she hasn't posted since her initial
post here saying she'll be in the craft swap! And hasn't responded to any of my PM's!!!!

Anyone want my craft????

Mom at home.....you are supposed to get a craft from her....have you
heard from her? Can i send my craft to you?

mom at home's Avatar mom at home 06:05 AM 02-20-2002

I haven't heard from her. Maybe since she hasn't been around we should just take her out of the craft swap and you give to me instead. You can email me at: and I'll send you my address.


PS Is there a time limit we are supposed to have our craft done? I can tell I'm not going to be very speedy. I just haven't had any time yet.
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 11:27 AM 02-20-2002
So glad things worked out for you...as for dakotablu something must have come up, if she's able to come back she'll be able to join the March Craft Circle (which is only a week & a half away).

mom at home,
A time limit has never been made...I've received my craft as much as 2 months after. Maybe we could all try to send them off within a month after, but I think we are all understanding that things come up in life, our children & families are our priority and I think that as long as you keep in touch with your craft person as to when you'll be sending it---she won't be left in the dark & she'll be understanding.
parisfrance's Avatar parisfrance 04:46 PM 02-25-2002
Hey saganaga, I tried to pm you and it didn't work. I finished your t-shirt, now I just have to drag my butt to the Post Office. I'll let you know when I get it sent how much time they think it will take.

saganaga's Avatar saganaga 05:52 PM 02-25-2002
Sounds great!
abismommie's Avatar abismommie 10:37 AM 02-26-2002

It looks like I missed February too! I'll get on the band wagon for March!


saganaga's Avatar saganaga 11:48 AM 02-27-2002
Check back here on Fri March 1st, just 2 days away---there should be a sign up for a March Craft Circle.
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 03:47 PM 03-02-2002
I got your crafts out in the mail this morning---you should expect it in a week.
parisfrance's Avatar parisfrance 09:50 PM 03-03-2002
Hey Tasha, I got the paper art last week, it is really pretty! My ds liked it too, but I rescued it in time .

mom at home's Avatar mom at home 05:03 AM 03-04-2002

Sorry I am sooooo slow... It is taking me a long time. Dh was out of town and now we have company, but I'm slowly making progress. I have not forgotten you.

lilypad's Avatar lilypad 04:44 PM 03-04-2002
mom at home,
i don't mind how long it takes you, it sounds like you do really amazing crafts and i just feel lucky you are sending to me i just read your post in the march thread, i have a daughter,11 months old today!
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 01:03 AM 03-08-2002
Mom At Home~~~
I accidently deleted your address. Your craft is almost ready
so can you PM me your address again.....????


also....did you say you had 2 girls??
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 02:09 AM 03-14-2002
Where is everybody to let us know what you got???????

Mom at home~~ I"m shipping out on Friday!

Skribblerkate~~I PMed you!
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 10:54 AM 03-14-2002
Did you get my package?

Did you get my email?
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 12:20 PM 03-24-2002
Yesterday I got your package---the embroidered t-shirt with pink tulips and my initials is so pretty! Spring weather is just around the corner---look forward to wearing it soon! Thanks so much!
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 06:00 PM 03-29-2002
Scribblerkate!!!!!!!~~~~finally sent off your packege about a week
ago (3/20). It has a long way to go so we'll see when you actually
get it! But i sent it by plane, not boat, so it should be relatively fast!

Mom at home.....how's my craft going?....no rush....just curious!
tasha's Avatar tasha 11:21 PM 04-04-2002
Hey pinky, I got your bracelts and they are BEAUTIFUL! I love them, wear them everyday! When people compliment me on them I proudly tell them that they were hand made by an ap mom.
Thank you so much.
lilypad's Avatar lilypad 11:37 PM 04-08-2002
Hi Alison,
I got the crafts from you today (April 8), I am impressed with the NZ mail service, on the package it was postdated Apr. 3, it takes longer than that to send stuff to my family in Canada! Thanks so much, the crafts are gorgeous. I don't think i have seen anything made out of felted wool before, it is beautiful and you are really talented. You have inspired me to find out how to do it. I think i remember in the feb. craft circle thread you gave the names of some books you liked. ANd you are right, my dd loves to carry things around with her, so the little purse is great.
I hope you had a fun vacation, it looked beautiful on the postcard.
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 07:18 PM 04-09-2002

I think there is some confusion... You sent to me in NZ. I got your craft today, we've been out of town so it's been waiting for me, but I'm not Scribblerkate, I'm mom at home or Alison. I sent to Lilypad.

I hope this makes sense.

Your craft was great, my kids LOVE the soaps and the cards you made are beautiful. Thank you!!!!


edited to add that I just checked the list, scribblerkate sends to you.
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 11:02 AM 04-10-2002
Mom at Home.....OOPS
Can you tell I do way too many craft swaps???
Glad you like the stuff!

ScribblerKate....where are you????
scribblerkate's Avatar scribblerkate 09:28 AM 04-15-2002
Missgrl, I am here!!!! Let me grovel in public for being such a horrible craft swap partner. It is coming, I promise. You are on my mind all the time now. It's just that we have got tons of illness and other stuff going on, so I am drained every evening when it comes time to finish off the many projects I need to finish.
onehipmomma's Avatar onehipmomma 12:50 PM 05-27-2002

Just wondering if you got my package. I sent it out quite some time ago, you should have rec'd it by now.


I haven't rec'd my package from you yet. I was just wondering how it is coming along?
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 12:24 AM 05-29-2002
I don't want to complain but.......

ScribblerKate...I haven't gotton any craft!!!!!
scribblerkate's Avatar scribblerkate 12:18 PM 05-29-2002
onehipmomma, I am sorry to report that I didn't receive your package. Our mail deliverer is pretty good, as is our post office. If you sent it by the slow boat it could just be taking its time making its way here.

Mssgrl, you have every right to complain. I am finally coming up for air (just graduated!) and will finally finish your project, plus my DH's b-day present and a project I've promised to my mom. I definitely bit off more than I could chew, but at the time I decided to do these projects, I had some free time. How quickly that disappeared!
onehipmomma's Avatar onehipmomma 01:04 PM 05-29-2002
Kate: I sent it ages ago, by ground. I am in Canada so it really should be there by now. If you don't get anything in the next week or so, please let me know and I will send out another package. I didn't insure it as I just had enough money to mail it on me at the time, figures!
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