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spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 06:40 AM 04-22-2003
Just had to share: When my sister (hoppytoad) was visiting us out here in Seattle the beginning of April....she made me a beautiful sling to carry my sweet baby girl in. I had made one myself, following the Maya wrap instructions; but as my little girl got bigger, the sling started to dig into her thighs in hip carry (no padding, fabric too thin (my bad). NOW I have a lightweight dark denim sling with beautiful "batik'd" butterflies on it, with very light padding. The tail is fringed and I'm gonna embellish it a little more around the hem area, but I am sooo pleased with it. I have gotten countless comments around the area and am pushing her to get me some business cards I can just hand to people who ask "WHERE'D you get that gorgeous sling???"


here's a pic, its number 8 out of 21 in my album. The pic doesn't really do it justice, honest.

And the best part.....my sweetie sister stayed up til 5:30 AM to make it, as we were going to the Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley the next day and I needed something to carry my babe in (had taken apart my old sling to use the rings). We went to bed at 5:30 and got up at 7:00 AM...lol.

Thanks Karen!!!!! You are very un-toad-like

Love ya....Lisa

madison's Avatar madison 09:26 PM 04-30-2003
That was really sweet of her

And the sling is very pretty! I LOVE denim!!!! And I've been experimenting with sewing my own.... Hmmmm....

hydrangea's Avatar hydrangea 01:33 AM 05-02-2003
What a lovely sling! And what a beautiful baby to go in it!

You've got a great sister
spyiispy's Avatar spyiispy 04:59 PM 05-02-2003
Yeah, she is pretty awesome She's sewing me some homeade "Robeez" next. Can't wait to get em!! As for the sling.....she just copied her Kangaroo Korner one. I'm not a real fan of padded slings; but this one is very *lightly* padded and I LOVE it.

Karen, you rock!