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tinyshoes's Avatar tinyshoes 02:24 PM 04-30-2003
It occured to me that there might be some WAHM's who make custom covers for Boppy nursing pillows.

I did a bit of searching online, and was dissapointed to find nothin'.

Maybe ya'll know of someone who makes these?


Sandra Dee's Avatar Sandra Dee 07:14 PM 04-30-2003
What exactly are you looking for?

I can sew nursing pillows - in a Boppy - like style - but I'm not sure about covers.

Although, I do have a snap press now - hmm - maybe I could fashion some sort of snap-on cover?
tinyshoes's Avatar tinyshoes 01:00 AM 05-01-2003
Well, I have a hand-me-down Boppy pillow. I've seen Boppy pillow slipcovers (made by the Boppy company) and it seems like a good idea; just toss the slipcover in the wash vs. the entire pillow.

However, most of the Boppy fabrics are somewhat lame...especially after wandering around online in cd WAHM land, where there are all sorts of beautiful fabrics out there.

So I thought some crafty gals or WAHM's might know of someone--or make covers themselves.

I think snaps could make a good closure for a Boppy cover...