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AuntNi's Avatar AuntNi 02:06 PM 05-12-2003
Hi all! I should introduce myself, since I've never posted on this board before. I'm Nichole, mom to Marlena, who's going to be 13 months old this week. I post pretty often to the MDC diapering board, and am gradually discovering other great MDC boards.

I have no time to sew, but my grandmother loves to sew for Marlena. My question is this: on Ebay, I keep seeing things made from Baby Lulu fabric. I'd love to know where to find that. Does anyone know if you can buy it by the yard, or do you have to cut up blankets?

Thanks in advance,

anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 01:12 AM 05-13-2003
Most of the moms I know that use a designer fabric to make a trim for something or accessory use the actual fabric from a cut up garment or blankie.
That would go for lulu or gymboree lines.
AuntNi's Avatar AuntNi 12:39 PM 05-21-2003
Hi Mary,

That's what I thought, but I was just checking to see if anyone knew of any other sources.

Thanks so much for the info.

mrzmeg's Avatar mrzmeg 04:45 PM 05-21-2003
Sometimes there are coops for children's apparel fabric, occasionally high-end boutique stuff. There was recently a Lili Paris coop over at the Amity Mama sewing forum. If you register over there and keep a look out, people post fabric for sale pretty often.