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Seawen's Avatar Seawen 01:26 AM 02-11-2002
I just found a treasured necklace broken in the laundry. It was a gift from a much loved friend on my daughter's first birthday. A gift to me for becoming a mom.

I am heartbroken that I could be this careless. I can't tell her so I can't find out where she originally found it. She travels often and I'm sure it was just a special find.

It was a sterling silver choker with what I think are labradorite stones and now all I have left is about 3".

Anyone work in silver who could help me recreate it? Anyone know a good silver designer in the Boston, MA area?

Please help!

shine's Avatar shine 03:03 AM 02-11-2002
Wow. I used to live in Boston and one of my housemates was a guy named Chris Henry who is an awesome (REALLY) silver/goldsmith and he works with stones. He worked out of the house, not with any company. But sadly I have no idea where he is now. He worked jointly with a piercer named Joe (short guy, blond hair, viking-fixated). Both might be found through the piercing shop in Central Square (called.... oh what's the name.... sounds like "ooga booga" but that's not it... grrr... can't remember). Anyway, that's the best I can do. Wasn't very good was it? Sorry... :

hope you find someone...

LdyBluNH@aol's Avatar LdyBluNH@aol 10:49 AM 02-13-2002
i found this for piercing place - doesnt sound like oooga booga, but did make me think of ooga booga! LOLLL

Tribal Ways
93 Massachusetts Ave. 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02115
(617) 536-0445
Seawen's Avatar Seawen 11:21 AM 02-13-2002
I'll have to check the Tribal Ways place out. I also found a jeweler that will take a look at it with no promises so...

I'm thinking of having the Sears maintenance people come to check out the washer. My father, who's a mr. fixit, said that the necklace could be in the washer pump. Not good for the washer or the necklace. But it would just be a fishing trip-no guarantee and it's usually a lot of money to have a service call.

I guess it's better safe than sorry.