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antannie's Avatar antannie 11:36 PM 01-30-2007
Well actually it belongs to our guild but is going to live at my house indefinitely. Unfortunately it is in pieces in my entrance way making it impassable and I have just broken my leg and don't quite know how I am going to get it all organized and set up or even out of the way for that matter. It is a 48 inch jack model, patterned after a Leclerc but hand built of cherry by a wonderful carpenter for his weaver wife. All the hardware is Leclerc. I was so looking forward to putting it together this week. There is a warp all chained and ready to put on and I have some soft green bamboo that I was going to use to weave a wide scarf (or narrow shawl) with it. Alas! It will have to wait! When I get it all set up I will post pics. In the meantime I expect to catch up on some knitting and hopefully, once I don't have to keep my leg elevated, some spinning.

Meiri's Avatar Meiri 02:22 AM 01-31-2007

Sorry about your leg.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 04:20 AM 01-31-2007
I think this is an excellent task for your dp! You can weave while sitting with your leg propped up comfortably, yes?

If your signature is up to date, you haven't finalized the adoption yet? That's too bad, this is just the sort of thing I would have *loved* to do at age 12. If Cassie is in your home as well as your hearts, ask her to help too!
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 03:09 PM 01-31-2007
Sapphire has a good idea. Once the loom is set up, your daughter can help with the treadling. DD loves to do that occasionally, when I'm actively weaving, which I haven't for far too long.

I assign her one treadle and tell her when.
antannie's Avatar antannie 05:47 PM 01-31-2007
Thanks for all the ideas. Our daughter has been with us for 13 months already. it is a foster to adopt situation. Unfortunately the room where the loom is going is FILLED with fibre and now the loom is in front of it and I am unable to get in just yet to sort it. I am hoping that next week or even on the weekend I may be up to it. I am in a lot of pain and moving is difficult still so I only get up whn I absolutley have to. I should be able to treadlt with my good leg and someone from the guild will help me warp it. I just want to do it NOW nad I am having a hard time being patient! I also feel badly about the big mess in the entrance way.
Robbins0614's Avatar Robbins0614 08:06 PM 01-31-2007
I'm sorry about your leg, but the loom is fantastic news!! I have a LeClerc and really enjoy it! We're trying to finish up a few rugs so we can start on some tartan blankets.

Have fun with the new loom!!!
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 01:47 AM 02-01-2007

Yay!!! She's with you!!! That rocks!!! Now, put dp and her to work! Clearly what's needed is a nice family evening of "Which pile should this one go in?" :

Okay, maybe not if it's just until the weekend or so.
Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 03:46 PM 02-01-2007
Yay about DD! Yay about the loom!

I am SOOO interested in learning how to weave! You weavers make me jealous.
antannie's Avatar antannie 05:23 PM 02-02-2007
You can start with a simple frame loom and try out all kinds of tapestry stitches. It gives you a good background on the structure of weaving.
Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 03:39 PM 02-03-2007
I am sure I will need some sort of tutorial. What you just said sounds like greek to me!~

But it's nice to know I could start learning with something smaller and simpler than the mess (I know it's a *fun* mess, lol) you've got going on in your foyer!
antannie's Avatar antannie 04:21 AM 02-05-2007
I suggested we put it up in the livingroom temporarily with a surprisingly positive response. The pieces are so beautiful that I think dp is inspired to put it together.
My daughter asked if she could do some weaving on a salish loom as she has at school on occasion so i got one I had stored in the basement out for her (the day before I broke my leg) and I am going to warp it. Her cultural heritage is Salish and the looms are simple upright structures that you weave with your fingers. I am so thrilled by her interest!