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emelsea's Avatar emelsea 02:03 AM 02-03-2007

I know my scissors would never make it through in my carry-on, but what about this?

maeveypoo's Avatar maeveypoo 02:08 AM 02-03-2007
I'm pretty sure that type of yarn cutter is allowed on planes. If I recall correctly, you can carry on scissors that have a 2 inch or shorter cutting edge.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 02:52 AM 02-03-2007
Because of the shape, they won't even notice it in the scan.
jennnk's Avatar jennnk 02:54 AM 02-03-2007
actually, even scissors are allowed now. There's a list of stuff on, but the long & short of it is as long as the blades are less than 4 inches long you can bring them on.
Realrellim's Avatar Realrellim 04:17 AM 02-03-2007
That's what I brought last time. I've also brought on a pair of safety-tip embroidery scissors, similar to these (but cheaper!). I haven't done so lately, just because I don't want my toddler getting hold of them.
greenegirl's Avatar greenegirl 11:41 AM 02-03-2007
I have flown a couple times recently and haven't even tried to bring scissors. Most of the time, I've tried to bring a project that I knew I wouldn't need any scissors for a while. On a trip to CA, I did need to cut the yarn, and I used the plastic knife from the snack...
Knittin' in the Shade's Avatar Knittin' in the Shade 12:06 PM 02-03-2007
I just use my teeth
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 01:51 PM 02-03-2007
So are you allowed to bring knitting needles now? I am planning a trip from Toronto, Canada to Chicago and I would love to knit during the flight and long wait at the airport - but I don't want to risk having my knitting needles taken away from me!
Mommy2Austin's Avatar Mommy2Austin 02:06 PM 02-03-2007
Last time I flew they took away my nail scissors (yeah the ones that have a 1/2in cutting ability)

I'm not sure about knitting needles, but if you are worried you could get the plastic ones so they don't look so "dangerous" LOL Your best bet would be to call the airline you are flying and ask.
laralou's Avatar laralou 02:52 PM 02-03-2007
I have walked through the security scan wearing one on a chain.
pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 03:02 PM 02-03-2007
pendant cutters are ok.
small blunt scissors are suppossed to be ok.

I actually prefer the pendant cutter on the plane because its handy in the small space.
I also highly recommend using circulars even if you aren't knitting in the round.

Oh, and I knit every single time I fly. the only trouble I run into is having to give impromtu knitting lessons to security agents or flight attendants.
mommamin's Avatar mommamin 03:05 PM 02-03-2007
Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade View Post
I just use my teeth
mama2xan's Avatar mama2xan 04:10 PM 02-03-2007
Another option is to carry dental floss. You can cut the yarn on the little blade inside.
Knittin' in the Shade's Avatar Knittin' in the Shade 05:08 PM 02-03-2007
knitting needles are allowed per the TSa (youc an go to the tsa website and print out the page that says they are allowed) BUT, the ultimate call on what is allowed on and not is up to the security detail at the gate. So, you should bring a SASE big enough to hol dyour needles and project so that if they don't let you take them on, you can pop it in the envelope and have them mail it back toyou instead of just getting tossed in the trash.
amey's Avatar amey 06:33 PM 02-03-2007
Please remember when trying to bring something on the airplane that you shouldn't attempt to be sneaky or otherwise hide your stuff. I see that in posts in other places all the time ("I just put them in my coat pocket and hope they don't see them" "I tuck them inside my book and they don't notice" etc). I may not be in favor of all this tight government control of everything, BUT I'm not going to help things by trying to sneak things past the TSA. Mostly because I'm NOT doing anything illegal or dangerous - I'm just bringing knitting needles and if the TSA agent has serious concerns (I try to assume the positive rather than he's always detested knitting because of a great aunt who made him horrid electric orange sweaters out of scratchy acrylic) then I'll skip knitting on the plane. I don't want to be subversive and be grouped with people who bring seriously DANGEROUS stuff on the plane by sneaking it thru. KWIM?

~amey (who has flown out of Raleigh, Phoenix and Albany with needles no problem - and knitted on an assortment of connecting flights between here and there )
HaveWool~Will Felt's Avatar HaveWool~Will Felt 06:52 PM 02-03-2007
I just flew over Christmas and my scissors (knitting) were taken.
I wonder.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ya think I would learn....this is the THIRD time I have had my scissors taken.
greenegirl's Avatar greenegirl 07:42 PM 02-03-2007
I have flown a few times recently and not had any problem bringing my knitting. According to the TSA website, you can only bring wood or plastic needles, no metal. And if you are bringing circular needles, they have to be a shorter than a certain length. I forget what it was, but I'm kind of thinking 29".
Beth-TX's Avatar Beth-TX 01:20 PM 02-04-2007
Oooh, you should buy one of those cutters regardless. It's my favorite knitting tool (after my needles, of course!). It's especially handy when knitting stripes and you have to cut often. Just hang it around your neck and it's there when you need it.

peace, Beth