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stClaire's Avatar stClaire 02:09 PM 02-12-2002
In one of the first craft swaps, Sunshinemama2 made me the coolest chimes they are shaped like leaves, and glazed to the most beautiful green and they sound so nice in the wind...

Well, i failed to take them down before a storm (i forgot) ane one of the leaves is broken off

Is there a glue that would be strong enough? It is porous..

BTW, Sunshine , are you out there?

Blessings, Kelly

Lucy's Avatar Lucy 12:58 PM 02-17-2002
How abt hot glue ,you know, with a glue gun? I use mine all the time on many diff surfaces.
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 07:22 PM 02-21-2002
I would recommend a 2 part epoxy, probably the 5 minute set up type unless you can wire it together until the 24 hr type sets up. We use 2 part epoxy to glue wood to metal, horn to metal, plastic to metal, etc.... (for my husband's knifemaking). When I worked in a jeweler's shop we also used it to glue together fine china.

Follow the directions and only use what you need. Wipe off any excess before it has a chance to set.

You can get 2 part epoxy at a hardware store.

I wouldn't recommend hot glue or silicone glue. They wouldn't hold up and would probably look gummy.