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rebeccalizzie's Avatar rebeccalizzie 08:27 PM 03-12-2007
I agree that the Fattycakes pattern isn't for a beginning sewist. The directions are very sketchy. I think it's cheaper than any other pattern out there though, which is nice! And a lot of people do like the fit (my DS is apparently a weird shape...the fit is terrible on him, but I'm the only person I've ever seen say that : )

I second, third, fourth the DD pattern for a newbie. It isn't my favorite for fit, but it's pretty good and the directions are soooo user friendly. If you know how to sew and just haven't ever sewn a diaper, the Cuddlebuns pattern is awesome--I love the way it fits, it's a true one size diaper, and the directions are excellent. It was the first diaper pattern I bought, and still probably my favorite.

E.V. Lowi's Avatar E.V. Lowi 08:52 PM 03-12-2007
Originally Posted by rolenta View Post

Also, I've never tried it, but I hear good things about the fattycakes pattern (available from the administrator of www.diapersewingdivas.com). Everyone on that board uses it, but that might just be because the administrator invented it. Plus, everyone's friends with each other over there, so they use each other's stuff.
I don't even sew diapers, and I love that forum!
bcky2's Avatar bcky2 09:00 PM 03-12-2007
i also say the fattycake pattern is awesome and just to let you all know, this was the first diaper i ever made from a pattern and only my second diaper ever made and i used the instructions and had no problems at all making one
jessielove's Avatar jessielove 09:04 PM 03-12-2007
I agree that the Fattycakes pattern isn't for a beginning sewist. The directions are very sketchy.
As a fairly newbie sewer using the FC pattern for the first time, I disagree. The instructions make total sense to me and were much easier to follow than some of the others that I've seen. The FC has been easier than the DD AIO was ~ I gave up on the DD AIO after just reading the instructions, but the FC has been totally user friendly IMO. You do have to have some knowledge of how to use a sewing machine and what some of the terms are though ~ and even if you don't, the DSD ladies are quite helpful with clarifying.

There are a lot of free patterns out there ~ that's where I would suggest starting. That's how I started out and it helped me get the idea down before trying something which might be slightly more complicated.
Hollin's Avatar Hollin 10:23 PM 03-12-2007
Hmm. If I could only have one it would probably the Very Baby one just because DH doesn't love side snap dipes. For side snap I like Wee Weka best with FattyCakes a very close second. I only like Wee Weka better because the way the tabs are laid out you can easily get a ton of cuts from one yard of fabric. Both are a really great fit on my ds.
PrettyBird's Avatar PrettyBird 12:09 PM 03-13-2007
I really like the Very Baby patterns, especially the fitted diaper and Snug Wrap patterns And the bonus instructions on sewdiapers.com are great!
cinnamama's Avatar cinnamama 03:56 PM 03-13-2007
Wow - thanks for all the response! I had no idea I would get so much feedback. This has been so helpful!
SugrMagMama's Avatar SugrMagMama 12:53 AM 03-16-2007
For the free patterns, the Otterbre always came out SUPER big for me. It works great with FOE.

the Mama-bird and MeghanWyant's were my absolute favs!

For the purchase dipe patterns: DarlingDIapers all the way! Sometimes she has a special buy 3 for $20!

Good Luck!

kittykorat's Avatar kittykorat 12:44 AM 03-17-2007
Lets see
I currently own:
Chloe Toes- great diaper, good fit, but best if you have a snap press. This is my favorite pattern
VB- Basic, and easy, but a little short in the rise for my little guy. Easy to adjust into medium long... but I like the option of front or side snap, and there are no snap placements marked.
DD- AIO I bought it, but I've never used it.
DD pocket fitted- Love this one too- we have the options for front or side snap or aplix, and it comes w/ directions to modify into a pocket- comes in a PDF format
Fattycakes- I think it's not the best for beginners. I've sewn about 25 diapers now... my first try at FC was not usable, second try- usable, fits great, but still not pretty.
*Jessica*'s Avatar *Jessica* 05:35 PM 03-19-2007
So where do you buy the Fattycakes pattern?
happeeevraftr's Avatar happeeevraftr 04:34 AM 03-22-2007
Another vote for Very baby. So simple. And cute.
tashar77's Avatar tashar77 01:19 PM 03-24-2008
Hi ladies! I am new to the cloth diapering scene. I am due with my 3rd in 6 weeks and wanted to make some covers instead of paying full price for them.
I do have a few questions if you don’t mind.... (didn’t intend on hijacking the thread).
Q. How many of these diapers are one size fits all or do you know of a pattern like that? I was given some BumGenius diaper covers at my shower and I love them but don’t want to pay $18 each for more. They were the OSFA and I thought that was so clever.

Q. How much does a diaper cost when all of the materials are purchased? I know some fabrics are more expensive than others and when organic materials come into play the price jumps as well, but does anyone have a general idea?
Roxy2007's Avatar Roxy2007 08:37 PM 03-24-2008

1. i modify pretty much every pattern for use for my children. mine are currently AI2/ sham pocket hybrid and they have gussets. the inners are microfleece, hidden breatheable nylon (for waterproof layer) and recycled material outer. i have a dozen made for DS and i wash them every couple of days. I dont know about anyone else but I find gussets very important for my breastfed DS as it keeps all the poop in. I am using the free wee weka pattern for him, it however does not fit my DD well, so I use ottobre pattern for her and it worked well, her is minus gusset but they are also AI2/sham pocket hybrid.

2. I bought microfleece in Walmart, they were on sale, i think it was $7.98 a meter (i am in canada). I believe i got about 2 - 4 inners from it depending on how I position it. The nylon is fabric is pre cut and my mom got it for me for $3 for a pack of 10. the recycle outer is whatever I have, it can be tshirt, flannel sheets, denim and whatever I hv around the house :-) So total cost? under $10 per diaper. my soakers are all prefolds that i picked up from freecycle.

mommy2cassy's Avatar mommy2cassy 01:15 PM 03-25-2008
For the size smalls (fits to about 20 lbs) I make my daughter, my approximate cost per diaper is:

PUL - $1.50 (I can get 4 diapers from 1/2 yard - $8/yard, plus shipping)
Microfleece inner - $1 (I buy it at my local fabric store for $8/metre, can get 4 diapers from 1/2 metre)
Aplix closure - about $0.75 ($1/yard, plus shipping)
Soaker pads - $0.10 (made from 8 layers of recycled t-shirt material, bought at a bag sale at my local thrift store)

So my cost for the contour fitteds with an outer layer of PUL that I make from my own pattern is a whopping 3.35 per diaper. I was making flannel fitteds with covers, but it's actually cheaper to just make them with PUL. When I make my next size up, I'll make them all this way.

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