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TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 10:54 AM 03-13-2007
I can never seem to do just one project at a time, i wish I could as i'd probably get more done that way.

Im doing mostly better and seems like the kids only got a passing flit of whatever I had thank goodness!

Billie's Avatar Billie 08:57 PM 03-14-2007
I'm still here!! Sorry ladies, this moving thing has been kind of crazy. I'm not anywhere near where I want to be with this project. I'm almost done with the first section, however, and will try to post a picture before moving on.

Sasha and Tribemomma, they are so beautiful! You girls rock!
2tolove's Avatar 2tolove 06:59 PM 03-16-2007
Ok! I have the yarn KnitPicks shine in blush ( very pretty light pink )
and I have done about 40 rows of the back of Sahara. I am loving this yarn! really soft & nice to work with.

The pattern is really neat too! I am looking forward to no seams! My first time with a provisional cast on too - went pretty well ..

I will post a pic when I have something interesting to share
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 08:16 PM 03-16-2007
Can't wait to see it 2tolove!

Im done with my skb, and even tho my guage was right on and I tried it on several times its still too big. So glad I did this in a really cheap yarn for testing it out. I can see where I need to make changes for it to fit me much better. So this is going in my pile of items to donate for the HH. I am probably going to take out the BO in the arms and make it long sleeve so its more winter appropo, but not for awhile lol I need a break from the miles of purple yarn.

And now that we are on a tight budget and I have to go on a yarn diet I don't know when I can get nicer yarn to make a new skb and a sahara.
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 01:05 PM 03-17-2007
ok so I have been comparing Sahara and SKB, in Sahara there is a lot of decreasing to get the snug fit, but not in SKB. Which is what I needed to do in SKB to get that close fit. So anyways I have plenty of yarn leftover from testing out the SKb that I think I will try out the Sahara, tho it looks from reading the pattern a bit more complicated. I doubt I will finish this one in a week
alaska's Avatar alaska 01:49 PM 03-17-2007
I can't wait to see everyone's pics! I have been doing little knitting b/c the vertigo came back.

Here's a question for those of you who are well into it....
My gauge is a tiny bit off, AND I want a looser fit, so I started on the large. How are you finding the fit? I'm worried that the large is going to be a tent and that I should just start over. (If it helps to know my size - I measure 38 in the bust, wear a size 6) Any thoughts?
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 03:03 PM 03-17-2007
my experience was even with spot on guage doing the smallest size it turned out loose. Im a 32/34 bust. I seem to recall on the craftster thread that people were making a size or two smaller than their actual size, which I can't do without seriously altering the pattern.

Oh also if following the pattern exactly it turns out to be a bit short, like it hits right at the waits on my pants if I pull it down a bit, so I'd knit extra rows too if you want it to fit longer. And (ok see here I go totally changing the pattern lol) is after thejoin knitting several extra rows before starting the purl ridges for the lace pattern.

I am going to upload my pics into my blog right now, should be about 5 minutes and you can see it. It does kind of fit like a too short sack on me :/
alaska's Avatar alaska 11:46 PM 03-17-2007
Thank you for posting the picture! I definitely am going to rip what I've already done and make a smaller size. I'm going to get going ... as soon as the room stops moving :
2tolove's Avatar 2tolove 12:31 AM 03-18-2007
thanks for the pic! I really like a longer sweater so it is good to know about the length when I get atarted on that one!

TribeMama, you used Knitpicks shine too right? how do you feel about the yarn? I am going to keep going with it on Sahara, I am just wondering how it changed after blocking (if you blocked)....

On another note, if you need more fitted I really think Sahara is the way to go. Wendy has a tendancy to design things that are fitted well - not sure if you have seen her site...

she has lot's of great stuff

The pattern does read a little more complicated, but it is going really well and overall not too challengin IMHO
birdiefu's Avatar birdiefu 06:40 AM 03-18-2007
Yes, I read from the craftster thread that it seems to run a little big. I did most of mine in a small and decreased the sleeve to XS # of stitches- the sleeve is still not as fitted as I'd like, and I probably should have done the collar area in the XS too as it's a little loose up near there. But I did try it on a *lot* as I went along and since the belly was custom anyway I ended up making it longer.

I'm getting close to done- did one sleeve in 3/4 with just the lace pattern at the bottom before BO. I'm on my second sleeve but as I was knitting yesterday during DS's bathtime I ended up leaving it on a chair in the bathroom. Fast forward about an hour later and I find some of my yarn snaking out of the bathroom, across the hall, and into the living room. DS 'played' with it and yanked out my DPNs (putting them in the toilet- oh joy) and unraveled it to about 3 rows done on the sleeve. Now I remember why I keep my projects out of his reach when I'm not working on them! I might wait to post a pic when it's fully done, or maybe just take a pic with the one sleeve completed- not sure when I'll get motivated to put it on for a pic.

2tolove- I'm using knitpicks shine. When I washed and dryed my swatch (well, it went in the dryer till slightly damp, then I let it dry on it's own) I got a teeny bit of stretch to the stitches. I was concerned at first as I couldn't get my guage right and was short about 1 st/4", but after the wash/dry it stretched to the right guage (added about 1 st/4"). But since the top so far is a tad loose before even washing, not sure how much bigger it might turn out...

ETA: for sizing purposes, I have a 32 bra band and went with a small pretending I had A/B cup (which I don't- just short-rowed the bust for 32DDD).
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 12:00 PM 03-18-2007
I was comparing the patterns yesterday and do thin sahara would be better for me fit wise, tho I do love the skb. I just need to tweak the pattern more for me.

I used a really cheap acrylic, caron simply soft. It's shiny and was easy to knit with and total for the yarn was less than $6 (pattern called for 800+yds I think I only used about 500 yds)

I'd like to try this in either the knitpicks cotlin or maybe lionbrand cottonease for a nice summer top. Or a bamboo *sigh* Im dreaming tho since Im on a yarn diet
birdiefu's Avatar birdiefu 03:36 PM 03-20-2007
I finished it yesterday, finally! Not perfectly happy with it as there are a few 'icky' spots like my short-row areas that I don't like the look of. Though I don't think a casual observer would notice much wrong, and I did wear it out today to DS's therapy and the lady there gushed over how good I looked pg in the top and was surprised when I told her I made it. I do like it more than any other maternity top I own at the moment as they all look soooo huge, swishy, and baggy on me at this size.

Here are some pics- I think I look *really* different from two weeks ago when I took my last belly pic, but there is still some room in the belly. Probably won't make it to 40 weeks, but by then it will be too hot to wear (August) most likely. I think the bust/lace portion looked better when I tried it on just to that point, it seems to be pulled out now by the weight of the rest of the fabric.

Front pic- looks like one sleeve is longer than the other, but it isn't. The top was pulled over to one side when I took the pic and didn't realize it, so the sleeves were kinda uneven as a result. They also tend to scrunch up rather than sit straight on my arm, maybe because of the 3/4 length but I prefer that over short sleeves or full-length..

Side view- Here the bust and my 'oopsie' armpit short-rows are pretty visible, oh well. Not as fitted under the boob as it seemed when I first finished the lace, and some looseness/folds along the bottom of the belly (as well as still longer than the back) but that will come in handy as I get bigger. Also, this shows how loose the sleeves ended up even with the amount of stitches for an XS. The lace portion is a lot smaller in diameter than the rest, but still that pulls up to my upper arm easily.

Overall I'm pretty happy since this is the first top I've ever knitted (and my biggest project). Probably won't do any more tops until I get skinny again and can do some nice fitteds to show off a waist .
OhMel's Avatar OhMel 04:52 PM 03-20-2007
Sasha, your SKB looks wonderful! I finally cast on for mine this week and can't wait to make some serious progress. I'm also knitting a pair of Jaywalkers but they seem to be taking forever.
2tolove's Avatar 2tolove 05:56 PM 03-20-2007
very pretty!

I am slow going on sahara, the pattern is so fitted that it has lots of little sections to work ... I hope to join the front tongith though!
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 07:22 PM 03-20-2007
Oh Sasha that is so beautiful! That color is perfect on your skin and really you can't see the oopsies at all.
alaska's Avatar alaska 08:19 PM 03-20-2007
I love it Sasha. The color on you is perfect!
birdiefu's Avatar birdiefu 08:41 PM 03-20-2007
Thanks, ladies! I do love the color too, TribeMomma . Have you started your Sahara yet?

Can't wait to see the progress on the rest of everyone's projects! I looked at the Sahara pic again and it's soooo cute, but I will have to wait till next year to knit it. I have a ton of baby stuff (and DH's willy warmer!) to spin and knit up so I probably won't get to any 'me' stuff in a while.
TRIBE's Avatar TRIBE 12:21 PM 03-24-2007
I haven't started Sahara yet. I needed to finish up a couple of birthday gifts (one for dd and one for dads SO who shares her birthday with dd) and put the last dang sleeve on my cropped hoodie. Which should all be done tonight so I can start Sahara on monday
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 05:13 PM 04-01-2007
Subbing - I'm going to be starting Sahara soon, I just downloaded the pattern (thanks, alaska, for pointing me to this thread). I think I'm going to use Estelle silk because I have a lot of balls of it kicking around for a sweater my dh decided he didn't want I'm not sure what kind of fancy thing I'll do for the trim - maybe I'll add beads or maybe I'll just pick something from the stitch dictionary.
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 01:12 AM 04-03-2007
merrick's Avatar merrick 02:24 AM 04-13-2007
Just started working on Sahara. Took me forever to get the cast on right. I didn't have a crochet hook to do it the way it is in the pattern. So I'm still on the back, but somehow I've got an extra stitch. Do you guys think that will really matter in the scheme of things? I thought maybe instead of increasing on each end on the inc row I could just increase once in the middle.
2tolove's Avatar 2tolove 09:30 PM 04-13-2007
Hmmm... the increases are added where the underarm holes will attach. I am not sure, it may not make that much of a difference, but I can't say for sure

I finally uploaded pics of sahara!!

I used knitpicks shine worsted in Blush and did the short sleeve version. It took about 2 weeks to knit & I am really happy with it! I think that I will make a long sleeve one for winter in black, or bergundy maybe...

Excuse my crazy eyes, dh was making me laugh during the picture
alaska's Avatar alaska 10:06 PM 04-13-2007
that looks great on you!
I think I need to add it to my ever-growing list.
birdiefu's Avatar birdiefu 04:02 AM 04-14-2007
Oh my, that looks awesome on you! Great job .
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 05:24 AM 04-14-2007
Originally Posted by merrick View Post
Just started working on Sahara. Took me forever to get the cast on right. I didn't have a crochet hook to do it the way it is in the pattern. So I'm still on the back, but somehow I've got an extra stitch. Do you guys think that will really matter in the scheme of things? I thought maybe instead of increasing on each end on the inc row I could just increase once in the middle.
I would still do the increases at the ends, as 2tolove said because the increases are where the armholes go.
As far as whether an extra stitch will matter - if it fits, it fits . . . one thing I'm loving about this pattern is trying it on as I go.

I've just finished my decreases for the body part and am putting that on hold to do the neckline. I do not like picking up stitches. At all. But when I try it on without a neckline, my breasts show through the gaping hole in the center (mind you, dh and the baby don't think that's a problem ), and it makes it hard to get an accurate idea of fit. Once I'm done the neckline, I'll be able to get a more accurate idea of length (also, I think I'm going to have to add one more decrease row).

eta: Wow, 2tolove! That's stunning! It looks great on you, the color and fit. Way to go!!
merrick's Avatar merrick 07:01 AM 04-14-2007
Great job 2tolove! It looks great!

Thanks guys. I did put the increases in at the ends. Looks good so far. I jsut didn't know if having an uneven number of stitches would matter or not. Hopefully not! I'm so excited to finally have time to work on this pattern.
2tolove's Avatar 2tolove 12:57 PM 04-14-2007
Thanks guys! It really is fun to knit in one piece!

Just wanted to add that I don't I don't think that the extra stitch should matter until you get to diamond rib pattern at the borrom of the waist. you will need a multiple of 3 for your pattern - so you may just need to do a decrease of that 1 stitch before you begin that part
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