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pinky's Avatar pinky 08:57 AM 05-28-2003
I am looking for some to applique diaper covers and I'd like to avoid buying too many big cuts of wool.

I'm happy to paypal or work out a trade.


lazydaisy's Avatar lazydaisy 07:44 PM 06-01-2003
I PM'd you
LaLa's Avatar LaLa 11:34 PM 06-01-2003
what kind of wool are you looking for?
There is a shop here in CR that sells felted wool, hand dyed, and they sell the tiniest little pieces for less then $1 if you want to pick up some different colors for applique. The REALLY nice stuff costs more, but I think it would be fine for an applique?!

let me know if you want the info
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 07:17 PM 06-02-2003
I felt with lovely soft merino and often have scraps or if not could felt you some small bits. I have many colors. What do you need?

rwikene's Avatar rwikene 04:57 AM 06-07-2003
are you still looking for scraps? I have a lovely wool skirt that I felted to make a cover and then cut up some for a heart applique on another turned out beautifully.

the wool is a bright red (very nice) and I could probably send you a 10in square or so if you'd like