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sleepies's Avatar sleepies 11:03 PM 06-07-2003
Ok, I have to give a 7-8 minute speech on how to make/do somelthing.

What kind of craft is pretty easy? That I can do in that timeframe?

That 20 and 30 year old's would find interesting.

ANy ideas?

i like hot gluing stuff!

khrisday's Avatar khrisday 11:29 PM 06-07-2003
What about a topiary or wreath? I think I have seen the pre-asembled bases for topiaries. They turn out nice, and are really easy- use whatever fake/dry flowers are available, shells, nuts, pinecones, seed pods, ribbons, etc.
owensmom's Avatar owensmom 10:19 PM 06-10-2003
I did how to grow a Chia pet...