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Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 02:52 AM 06-09-2003
I have many beautiful rose bushes in my yard! (I'm new in
California and WOW roses grow like weeds here). I feel
terrible just seeing them all die out and fall to the ground.
What can I do with them?

khrisday's Avatar khrisday 09:21 AM 06-09-2003
You can candy them to use as decorations for cakes- I just did this the other day.
Take the petals from several roses, beat the yolk of one egg in a smal bowl, and fill another small bowl with white sugar. Preheat the oven to the lowest setting and get a baking sheet ready. Take a petal, coat it with the egg white, then dip it in the sugar and place it on the ungreased baking tray. (you may want to use a pastry brush or tweezers) Bake the petals in the oven on it's lowest setting until they are crisp (it took several hours for me) Keep them in a sealed container to use on cakes.
hydrangea's Avatar hydrangea 02:07 PM 06-09-2003
A mother in our homeschooling group did a really nice craft with the children for Valentine's Day this year. They sponge-painted little heart-shaped boxes, sewed a little heart out of wool felt, stuffed the heart with wool, and put it in the bos on a bed of dried rose petals. So far it's the nicest Valentine's Gift I've received.

Anyway, I'd dry them and use them in potpourries and crafts.

I'd also learn how to make rosewater. All sorts of recipes call for that and I am never able to find it.

edited to add that one of the reasons this gift was so special to me was that I had no idea that I could try sewing with my 6-year-old. She loved it! And since then she has been sewing little felt toys. So far she has made a pony and a few gnomes.
LaLa's Avatar LaLa 03:47 PM 06-09-2003
making true rosewater is a bit of a pain, so I usually buy the fake stuff!

but I like to use dried rose petals in small amounts to add color to bath soaks, salts, milk baths, and in the packaging of gifts.
Rose pettles sprinkled on tissue paper, or just set on top of a gift with a ribbon around it (in a box)

very pretty

smarmie's Avatar smarmie 11:31 AM 06-10-2003
Handmade paper is fun, and you can add dried rose petals to it.
rainbrain's Avatar rainbrain 04:16 AM 06-11-2003
You can also make rose jelly, yum!! And you can grind the roses and add a touch of glue and then form them into balls and let them dry and then string them into necklaces. I saw Martha do this years ago, and it looked so neat. I think it is Victorian. I think we will be trying it this year, if I can find the recipe. We make rose petal jelly everry year, and it is good on buttery crackers.
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 01:15 AM 06-15-2003
Well I ended up just using the petals on some craft
paper projects with my boys. We created roses on paper
glueing the petals down. It was a no brainer, but my boys
thought I was a genius!

Now the making rose paper piqued my interest! I'm starting
a thread on that one! thx