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Thanks to the Mods who gave us a place to devote to making our own diapers!! (And crafting in general)

I hope this forum gets busy with activity now!!!

Let's do a quick poll - what kind of diapers do you sew for your babe(s)? What do you want to know how to sew (diaper-wise)?

I'll go first - I make pocket diapes for DD - with flannel or woven outers and micro inners...but I'm making a switch to all natural fiber diapers, so I want to learn how to sew wool and fitteds.

I hope to obtain a CuddleBuns diaper pattern soon so that I can make some cute diapes for DD. I also want to get some wool to make appliqued covers and pull-ons (which would be great for a wiggly worm girl over here!)
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Hey mama! I'm so glad to get the diaper making discussions going here!

I sew from my own pattern, which I will use for my site when I get it up (soon!). I do hemp fitteds, Wool covers and WindPro AIO's.

I used to use the HB-Home pattern quite a bit, but have since realized that it's SO time-consuming! I also had the Cuddlebuns pattern but made a few diapers from it and really didn't like it, so I sold it.

Glad to be here.
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Hi! Another diaper sewing momma here. I make pocket dipes, usually with PUL on the outside and microfleece in the inside. I roughly use the HB Home pattern. I also do some fleece/fleece pockets, but like the trimness of the PUL. I used to sew trifold hemp fleece soakers for the stuffers, but I got a bunch of Joey Bunz from a momma here so I use those almost exclusively now.

For nighttime, i made my own pattern of what I call my Quick Dry Super Hemp Diaper. I think it is even a One Size, but I have only one sized child to put it on, so who knows. I use that with two homemade wool covers.

Oh, and I also make swim diapers for friends. None of them CD, but they like my swim diapers. I just make a PUL/Mirco diaper with no opening at the back.

Looking forward to learning more. My next project will hopefully be training pants.

Jenn & Ben 28 mos

Jenn, perpetually tired mom to DS(9): DD(4.5): DD(2) :
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hi, mamas! i have had many stages and phases of diaper sewing....i started out with just making prefolds, then contours, and now that i figured out a good way to do elastic for fitteds, that is all i make. i also was just using plastic pants until a little while ago when they all got holes in them and i started making PUL wraps with the same pattern as my dipes.

i guess if i had to pick something to want to learn how to make it would be to improve my PUL wraps.
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Originally posted by Sandra Dee
I'm making a switch to all natural fiber diapers, so I want to learn how to sew wool and fitteds.
That's exactly what I'm trying to learn now!

I am currently teaching myself how to knit wool soakers, and I plan to also teach myself how to make wool diaper covers, and natural fiber dipes.

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Sounds like we're all on the same page...

I have a large (3 doz?) stash of flannel fitteds that I made for my dd starting when she was about 6 months old...we've been using those with nylon pull-on pants. Plus I've made about half a dozen fleece AIO's. I used the Honeyboy pattern for all of those.

Lately I've become obsesses with wool, so I've been making wool covers, some with appliques. I've also been making more fitted diapers. This time around I've been making up my own patterns by tracing diapers and covers that fit dd well and tinkering with them.

New things I'm working on:

Making snap-ins for my wool covers...I'm committed to switching over to natural fibers, but I miss my AIO's! So I want to make some WIO's to substitute. I finished two covers today that have inside snaps, so now I just need to make some inners for them.

Learning to knit to make soakers! We are going on vacation next week and instead of taking my sewing (which I always do on this family vacation), I'm taking knitting along. Fortunately, there is lots of family nearby who I'm hoping can give me some assistance.

Not in process yet, but I'd love to try doing some hand-dyeing of fabric! I've also ordered my first organic fabric, and I'd like to start making some organic diapers.
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I havent' made anything in a WHILE, but when I first made cloth diapers it was to get organic diapers at home for a better price.

I found
www.cottonplus.com and green textiles and PM organics to be great sources for very affordable wide bolts of organic fabrics!

I just do contoureds and doublers...nothing too fancy, but I am blessed with a Serger!
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Currently I am sewing diapers etc. only for my business. Lots of them.

DD day potty learned at 2 and was completely night trained too by 2.5 She didn't even get to try the really NICE woolens that I've got now.

My best friend is on her honeymoon right now and I packed lots of
into their wedding present, so hopefull I'll be sewing her stash soon!

My big fun thang right now is kool aid dyeing woolens and I am also in the beginning stages of AIO construction. I am beginning with fleece but have plans for some stretch PUL. My big snafu is getting the leg elastic to hug the leg and not expose the inner absorbent material.
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I have sewn some fitteds using the HB pattern ( I 've made 6!! ) ANd I have 3 Fleesce AIO's ( HB also) under my belt and I am having the same problem as Barefoot... !! and my diapers are round in stead of square like you see on the websites that sell them!!

YEAAAA to the forum!! Since I am a beginning sewer I could ( as well as others) use the
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I JUST started sewing diapers. I'm learning how to make fleece AIO's with snap in contours
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I started with the HB Home pattern. I made 3 AIOs with that before realizing that it just wasn't practical to spend that much time and money on a single diaper.

I switched to making HB pockets, which saved me hours of work. I think I have about 10 or 12 of those now. I usually use laminated fabric for the outer and micro for the inner, but if I have a really cute print I sometimes sandwich the PUL between.

After I got good at those, I designed my own pattern to address all the issues I have with the HB pattern. I also redesigned the pocket recently. I'm really loving my own diapers now. I have 3 of them.

Now I'm on to learning how to make wool covers. I have a friend who has an embroidery machine and I am just dying to get some cute embroidered covers for the summer. I'm just waiting for my first yard of wool to arrive, which I am assuming will be enough to make a cover after felting (let's hope!). My sister has a pile of great flannel sheets that she is giving me, so I'll hopefully have some new fitteds to go along with the wool covers.

Now all I need to do is raise enough money to buy a snap press (IF I can find one in stock anywhere!).
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I use the HB home pattern too. I have made some AIO's but mostly fitteds. They do take a long time though. :

I am also learning to knit and plan to make some wool soakers for this little one due in November.

teapot2.GIF jog.gif

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HI Ladies,
I'm thinking about buying a pattern. What do you think?
I've mostly seen three available on line:
Have any of you used these - what did you like or dislike about the pattern or how the diaper turned out.

Thanks in advance (I just bought a serger, dying to use it)

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Hi all!

I started sewing diapers back when my now almost 5yo was 20 months or so. They sucked! They were the most horrible ugly diapers in the world. So now, years later, I am finally good at sewing diapers! LOL

I have used a few different patterns, now I am making my own patterns.
I just made a Pul cover, but it ended up too big. I have some pul and micro waiting for me to make a pocket dipe. I am kinda not motivated, cuz my baby rips velcro off all the time and I want a snap press. My hubby keeps telling me " soon, soon".

Since I am pregnant again, now I want to make newborn dipes. The pattern i have is 8-16 pounds, but they come out really huge, so I want to get measurements and make a true newborn diaper, for the early weeks.
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I used to sew poopockets for my daughter, but haven't sewn diapers in quite a while. It was fun...I used mostly recycled materials from around the house and was feeling very frugal and industrious until I got sucked into Fuz lust :

I tried my hand at covers but that fold over elastic is the devil incarnate! It's currently headed to Canada where Kendell will use it with ease, I'm sure

I'm so glad this forum is here...for all sorts of artistic endeavors. Talking with others who are in the midst of creating always inspires me.
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This is great! I started sewing dipes for my son earlier this year with just about anything I had around the house or could get cheap. I just use the dipes I like as patterns and change them a little to fit my skinny boy. I started out with velcro, but now I sit and hammer on snaps because I like them so much better (haven't had the $$ for a good press ). I've also gotten sucked into the hemp craze and I just love it, so I'm always on the lookout for deals on that. I'm heading up to my MILs soon, and I'm hoping she can teach me to use her serger to make some really cool side-snappers. It's so much fun! Wish I had more time to do it.
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