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parisfrance's Avatar parisfrance 05:59 AM 03-22-2002
Hey LeafyLady, I got it! It came yesterday. I can't believe the same person who made the pretty garden trowel also made the delicate pin! Wow. The trowel will get saved for the house we hope to have when we move back to the states in a few years. My husband wants to have a vegetable garden, so it will come in handy! Thank you!

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LukesMum's Avatar LukesMum 08:29 AM 03-22-2002
I Pm'd you for your address-----let me know so I can get it off to you!
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 11:24 AM 03-22-2002
Lots of different crafts have been made for the craft circles. To give you an idea I have received a necklace, a doll, miracle scrub in a painted jar, a decorated gift bag. I have made rubberstamped cards, hooded towels, scrunchies, and polar fleece stuffed bears. I've had a lot of fun. Hope you can join us for the April Craft Circle (check back at the Crafts board on April 1st).
LukesMum's Avatar LukesMum 09:01 AM 04-01-2002
...where are you????Your craft is waiting!!
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 10:07 AM 04-01-2002
I'm glad you like it Michelle (parisfrance). You know you can't have a garden without a rabbit.
parisfrance's Avatar parisfrance 09:06 PM 04-01-2002
Momathome -- I finished your craft, now I just have to get it in the mail! Can't wait to hear how you like it!

abismommie's Avatar abismommie 01:14 PM 04-02-2002
Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know you're present will go out this week - sorry a little late! Had some baby problems but it will be on the way!


fullcirclesb's Avatar fullcirclesb 03:22 PM 04-02-2002
I'm sending out your present today! Hope you like it!
solmama's Avatar solmama 05:26 PM 04-03-2002
fullcirclesb: i sent it out in the mail yesterday, i hope you like it

abismommy: don't worry about it, baby always comes first. but i'll be looking forward to getting it. hope everything is ok
fullcirclesb's Avatar fullcirclesb 02:40 AM 04-06-2002
The journal you made me is SOOOOOO beautiful!!! thank you so much, I can tell you put a lot of love in it!
solmama's Avatar solmama 02:32 PM 04-07-2002
thank you! i'm so glad you liked it
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 09:17 AM 04-13-2002
Hi Fullcirclesb,
I got a nice card and envelope, but there was no choker anywhere to be found. I waited a few extra days thinking that you might have sent it separately, but still nothing. Do you think it got lost?
fullcirclesb's Avatar fullcirclesb 01:44 AM 04-14-2002
I send you another one. That's really too bad. I should have mailed it in something more sturdy....I just love that paper so much. It may take me awhile, I'm working and going to school, but I will try to have it in the mail before the end of this month. Was there a hole in the envelope?
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 09:37 AM 04-14-2002
No, there was no hole in the envelope. It was strange. Maybe somebody actually unsealed and resealed the envelope in order to take it. :mad:
That's a bummer. I think this is the first time that's happened in one of our craft swaps, although there was one damaged package a few months ago.
I would recommend putting it in a padded envelope or small box, so no one can tell what it is from the outside.
saganaga's Avatar saganaga 10:22 AM 04-16-2002
I got your package in yesterday's mail---thank you for the blue purse & the lion mask---they are so cool! I can't believe that you made the felt yourself, I'll have to find out how homemade felt is made (anything like homemade paper?) Anyway we admired your crafting ~ thanks again.
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 06:20 AM 04-17-2002

Glad you like them.

I've never made homemade paper so I don't know if they are similar.

mom at home's Avatar mom at home 08:01 PM 05-27-2002

I never received your craft. When did you mail it?

parisfrance's Avatar parisfrance 09:22 AM 07-12-2002
mom at home-

What's it like back in the US? I hope you got my package, I mailed it out when I got to the US the beginning of June. Let me know what you think!

fullcirclesb's Avatar fullcirclesb 02:46 PM 07-12-2002
hey leafy lady,
i mailed your package off yesterday. i'm in the mid west right now so it shouldn't take a long time!
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 08:37 PM 07-15-2002
Hi Fullcirclesb,
Thank you Thank you! I got the necklace and frame. They are beautiful. The frame is good timing too, with a 6 week old babe in the house.
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