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JewelsRae's Avatar JewelsRae 06:29 PM 07-14-2003
Anybody make their own cuddlebuns- not for sale, just personal use? How hard are they to make? I am a novice sewer, but my MIL is a seamstress and 5 mins away, so she can help me out.

How do you get your own snaps on? I can't invest in a snap press for just my own son's dipes.... are there WAHM's that will do this for a price?

About the pattern itself- does it include instructions for wool wraps and mini buns, bikini cut diapers, etc? Or are those patterns sold separately?


starbright's Avatar starbright 06:33 PM 07-14-2003
I have the cuddlebuns pattern. I thought they were relatively easy to make (especially if you have help from a sewer like you do) The pattern includes other variations but I don't think it says that it has a wool wrap pattern : I personally just made a bunch of pocket dipes using the CB pattern but not the instructions and the fit is great!!