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I thought it would be fun for us to see what eachother was knitting or planning to knit so lets give all of our projects along with what yarn we are using.

Project #1- Swing Thing
Yarn- Peace Fleece in Mir-Atlantis Perwinkle
For- DD#1

Project #2- Striped Sheepypants
Yarn- 100purewool in green, pink, orange and knitpicks wool of the andes in cloud for the knees
For- DD#2

Project #3- Argyle
Yarn- 100purewool in Fire bought from coop, hasn't arrived yet
For- My mom

That's it for now, I have a lot more I want to do but haven't bought yarn or planned out in full yet.

Please share yours!

Tracy, Wifey to Jeff . Mama to Maya-Papaya 7/04 and Carolina Bean-a 5/07 and Jack 7/4/10!!
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Just knitting projects or yarn craft projects in general? I'm not very good at knitting yet and don't do much of it until I get more practice in but I crochet. Right now I'm working on Christmas presents.

Hanging plant holders: 100% nylon (2 in cream for mom, 2 in dark grey for MIL)

Dishcloths: I'm doing sets/4 different textured dishcloths all in 100% cotton-beige. (1 set/4 each for 3 grandmothers)

Dishscrubbers: 100% nylon in black (2 ea. to go with the dishcloth sets)

Lacy child's top in 100% cotton in beige for DD

Granny squares blanket: Caron simply soft yarn in cream, lt. blue, med. bl, and navy (for grandmother)

Little Textured Tote: 100% cotton in black and red (for sister)

I have a bag full of yarn bee party girl and labyrinth, and boucle yarns too that I want to use for dress up clothes for DD but I'm not sure what to make yet!

Oh boy I have a lot of crocheting to do!
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The only active project now is a pair of socks

Cabletini Socks by Wendy Knits

Free pattern here, btw (It's a free PDF download from The Loopy Ewe)

In this yarn
, Tofutsies in ten feet tall.

I also have three blankets, two crochet, one knit, that have been boxed up for a long long time that I am determined to finish by the end of the year

kati , wife to josh , mama to j&d (7.31.07) marion (9.18.08), feeder of nanuq and gracie lou
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wanted to sub. Will post my list when I have time to get the links ready.
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Right now I'm working like crazy on things for the holiday helper knitters. I'm working on a few hats and scarves and other things that seemed to be needed last year.

Victim of Birth Rape & Coerced ribboncesarean.gifUnnecesareanribboncesarean.gif What makes people think they can cut up someone else's genitals? nocirc.gif
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Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey - the first socks DH has ever agreed to wear.

Motorcycle Chica Gloves for my mom. Knitting them in pink with a black button. Scroll down to see the pic

A pair of fixation socks for myself in pink. I have never knitted with this yarn before. I like it so far.

I also am working on a sort of log cabin blanket for my dd, but am not using a pattern.

Next I want to knit dd some leggings for winter. I haven't picked out a pattern yet, though. Any suggestions?
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Urg, maybe this will get me motivated -- I've been doing lots of reading about knitting, but not a lot of actual knitting, lately.

Socktopia mystery sock in Lanna Grossa.

Shorties for Hokiemom with Cascade 220 (color/design are a bit of a surprise, so can't share more). Almost done with these, a few more rows & I'll be splitting for the legs.

Acrylic (red heard & bernat baby acrylic held together) experimental "front loading" soaker for my sister. Just need to knit the other leg cuff.

To be cast on:

100PureWool "front loading" soaker for a customer.

HAT for my baby! He's about outgrown his hat the midwives made him! I'm thinking a simple cable or two on a top down beanie style hat in Lana Grossa Royal Tweed (I have a brown & a light blue; not sure which I'll use yet, though).

I've signed up for 2 sock swaps: the Harvest Sock Swap, which is way cool; you knit one sock then send it & the leftover yarn & pattern to your pal & she knits her own 2nd sock! (If you join, mention me! ). And Sock Wars, which is some sort of a speed contest where you "die" if you receive socks from your pal before you send yours, then the game progresses as you send your unfinished knitting to the person who "killed" you.

I have some handspun alpaca that will be knit up into a cabled sweater in a 5-6 size for ds1 (who wears a 4, lol), I think.

I'm wanting to knit a pair of Breeze socks with some leftover Interlacements Tiny Toes sock yarn, which I LOVE! It makes tiny stiped socks for toddlers & infants; I can't wait to see how it knits up in a big girl sock!

I *just* bought the yarn to make my sister's Starsky; I'm using Paton's Shetland Chunky so she can machine wash it. This is my first grown-up sweater!

I'm also looking to knit a sugar & cream cotton baby sweater for my etsy shop to make the move into fall, I need a hat/mittens or gloves/scarf set for myself this winter, and I just (finally) bought Fitted Knits, and I want to knit, umm, everything in there!

Okay, there's more, but I'm starting to overwhelm myself... I need to finish those 2 soakers & finish up my Socktopia "clue." Then I'm casting on for Spencer's new hat; what kind of knitter mama am I that my baby doesn't have a proper hat to wear when we walk his big brother to preschool? Come to that, my other two don't have any hand knit hats from me, either! :
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I don't follow patterns so I have no links to show but I'll describe my projects.
  1. For DS: A top down cardigan with large horizontal stripes of aqua and navy millspun surrounded by hand spun then hand painted cormo wool. Knit on size 6.
  2. For my sister: A shawl of ribbon yarn in muted pinks and greens. Knit on size 17 to give it an open lacey feel.
  3. For art's sake: a scarf in various nuetral tones and various wieghts of frog tree alpaca. Done in a mostly swirly design using freeform crochet on an I hook.
  4. For me: A shrug top down with a cabled boarder in an alpaca yarn the color way is barnswallow. I had originaly planned to make matching socks for DH and DS but after I made a swatch I realized it wasn't right for that. I ended up getting a bunch of extra balls and started the shrug. It's on size 4 needles.
  5. For the car: A steering wheel cozy in some redheart yarn that came free with a needle set from ebay. Knit on size 8 needles.
  6. Just because: A blanket in organic cotton on the long blue knifty knitter. (it's not going the way I want so it may get frogged in the near future)
  7. On hold, For me: Some socks in this I've made 3 socks so far but each is unfotunatly unique. I've been doing them on the little roung KK.
  8. Spun but not cast on For SIL: Scarf of yet to be determind design In natural color (chocolaty brown) hand spun yak down.
  9. Oganic coton on the spindle.
  10. Romney on the wheel.
Wow I didn't realize how much I had going on till I typed it all out.

ETA: I almost forgot my biggest project

11. For DS: Elfen cloak for halloween. In paton's classic wool. Knit on size 9 to be felted.

Timmy's Mommy WARNING
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Currently OTN I've got

Clessidra, in Regia Silk Moss. I think I'm about halfway done with the second sock, I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the month. Here is my first one.

Knitted fruits for a swap, in patons grace. Just a few more grapes and a strawberry to go on those.

A Candy Wrapper Sachet (pic not mine) from One Skein, also in Patons Grace. I need to frog back to the eyelet round, the pattern I tried for the body of it is just not working out.

In the mental list of things I'd like to knit

A Central Park Hoodie in Peace Fleece Ukrainian Red. Don't have the pattern or the yarn for that yet. I need to wait until a PF coop happens at the same time I have money in the bank.

A scarf, hat, mittens set for myself. I moved this summer and am facing a winter in a much colder climate than I'm used to! I have some superwash dk weight green wool that I might use for one or two of the items, depending on how far it goes. Anyone know of a good convertible mitten pattern for small women's hands?

Dish Cloths! Mine are getting pretty faded looking.

A Ball band Dish Cloth Rug like in Mason Dixon Knitting for my kitchen sink. Haven't decided on colors yet, but it will be whatever 'n cream cotton

Christmas Kitchen accessories. I want to get a cone of the red/green/white sugar n cream and knit christmas dish cloths, pot holders, and maybe even another rug, or an apron if I have lots left over.

Anthropologie Inspired Capelet, in Bernat Bamboo. Probably the linen color, because I could wear it with the most things, but the pink and the green are so pretty...

Spiral Boot Socks, probably in the yarn they call for (Reynolds Soft Sea Wool).

: I've never written it all out before. And it makes me look selfish, because everything on my list of future knits is for me! : Well, I was considering doing some dishcloths for my little sister, since she just moved out.

Mommy to DS1
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July '09 and DS2
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Oct '12 and someone new in May '15

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Currently working on: cotton blanket for my Gram for Christmas

Next up:

*wrap...for me
*socks...for me
* gifts for teachers, etc
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Felted Purse in Berocco Hip-Hop: Way Cool for my sister

Fingerless gloves in Noro Kureyon...not sure what dye lot, I lost the label, but it's about 3 skeins worth--it was my first project, a rather ugly scarf, which I frogged. Fingerless gloves will look way better with it.

Lion hat for my friend's baby--making up the pattern as I go along. Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted, in yellow w/ orange fringe.

Mom to two fabulous boys! Ds1 (9 yrs) & ds2 (7 yrs)
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Currently OTN:

crumpets in cotton ease
Debbie Bliss baby raglan cardigan in DB cotton DK
DB teddy bear in multiple colors of DB baby cashmerino
perfection pants in hand dyed targhee

Have the yarn for and desire to knit (but in reality, "ain't gonna happen", at least not all this season )"

4 more longies, I have hand dyed MM targhee and Jimmy Riddles BFL
KPS bulky hooded vest for myself in Knitpicks Cadena
Branching Out in Louisa Harding Silk & Wool
2 pairs of socks for me in tofutsies and bonkersfibers
LTK raglan for my oldest in 6 ply bulky merino
hats for my girls--various yarns
mittens for my girls--peace fleece

: and there's more, but that's my short list:

Melissa, loving wife love.gif and mama to 4 girls now! DD 12, DD 10 1/2, DD 4, DD 2 Happily homeschool.gif, doing lots of hang.gif very little sleeping.gifof and as much as I can knit.gifsewmachine.gif reading.gif
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This is probably way too amibitious for me, but:
--finishing curlypurly octopus for a birthday party for this weekend
--more play foods for DD (already did 2 strawberries and eggplant, almost done with banana)
--KPS free baby sweater pattern for almost 6 month old
--2 newborn kimonos with this pattern (got some malabrigo chunky weight for the first one!)
--2 more baby sweaters (for boys, not sure what patterns to use)
--kimono and hat set for neice, still looking for pattern
--clapotis for me (already have the yarn, Lorna's Laces in mixed berries)
--hat for brother (in malabrigo!)
--gaiter for DH
--maybe Fibertrends clogs for my mom
--booga bag, already did the bottom
--socks for me
--now that it's getting cool I want to knit sweaters for everyone!

Well, that should keep me busy for several years really. One of my problems is that there was an online yarn shop that went out of business and I got the yarn for the clapotis, the sock yarn, and the malabrigo for my brother's hat at half off. Gotta stop looking at patterns.... Plus I realized that I can't knit something for everyone for Christmas this year. There's not enough time and I also don't want to create the expectation of a knitted gift every year...

-- and
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1. tube socks testers for my naturoptahs office in undyed BBR
2. hip in hemp skirt #2 for DD1 in the recommended hempathy yarn
3. knucks as ty gift, 1 down 1 more to go, in rowans wool cotton

4. on the hook is a bobble headband in a gorgeous bamboo yarn

up next on my projected list

1. skirt/leggings design for dd2
2. dog sweaters for friends 2 dogs that are having pups in a few weeks, one of which we are getting so I will beknitting even more pup sweaters
3. sweater dresses for dd2
4. cardigan for merry for dd2
5. striped stockings for dd1
6. rpm sock for dd1 and ds3
7. swing thing for both dd's
8 weasley sweaters for 3 ds's
9. socks for dh

ok this could get ridiculously long if I keep listing things I have to get done all by ummm the next 6-8 weeks
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Hmmm, I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to see how many projects on the go everyone has. Things I am currently working on:

Mystery Stole #3 - I'm attempting to do a symmetrical scarf without grafting so it is requiring a lot of pattern rewriting and I'm getting a little tired; I just want to knit.

Cabled sweater for DH - started in '99, needs to be finished!

Knitting tote - will eventually be felted; I had to put this on hold for the summer because it is soooo hot!


dress for DD

sweaters for me and DS

dishclothes - mine are so tattered!

and maybe some Christmas gifts?
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Currently OTN -

The back pack from LTK - haven't picked it up recently because I did something wrong about 20 rows ago and I have to frog back.

I have some Picky Pants done in Granny Smith from DD almost done - another inch to do on the last let and finishing and Icord left.

I just started my first pair of socks and have done the ribbing an moved on (really basic pattern) to the stockinette. It is in Shibui sock yarn.

A scarf that is almost done for my dd in handdyed bfl yarn pinks and oranges with hat and mittens to follow.

Plans to do cupcakes for christmas from One Skein, Little drawstring purses for my 5 neices, a pilot hat and mittens for ds, the cobblestone sweater for dh from the fall Interweave Knits. I have the yarn for all of these.

I won't go into what I want to do that I haven't bought the supplies for yet!

What am I doing here? I need to be knitting!!
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Originally Posted by Sailmom View Post
I won't go into what I want to do that I haven't bought the supplies for yet!
Is that better or worse than refusing to admit how many projects we DO have supplies for but are no where near casting on for? :
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Active projects:
  • For my online charity group, AllCrafts4Charity (Yahoo): a preemie sweater in candy corn colors. Using donated acrylic yarn (Red Heart?). I'm not using a pattern. I'm just knitting the pieces and putting it together. I'm using one of dd's baby dolls as a model. It might happen that it will be donated to a child in need's baby doll because it won't fit right for a preemie .
  • A mitered square lapghan for my grandmother using yarn she sent before she got sick. I can't remember what kind of yarn it is. It's a wool/acrylic blend with metallic thread it it. I need to wash, block and assemble before I grow it using the Modea Dea Dream as a border.
  • Alison's NYC Street Cap in Cascade220 for dh. I only have the other half of the tube to do. I might just stop there because I've been working on it for over two years now

In cold storage (I work on these when I have absolutely nothing better to do):
  • A onesie from Vogue Knits in Mission Falls 1820 cotton. An ambitious project started before dd#1 was born, picked up before dd#2 was born and I'm now planning to maybe send to my online charity group
  • Garter stitch square blanket in blue and pink in Caron Soft. My very first learn to knit project. Once in a while I do a square. At this point, it may become a charity donation.

As soon as the candy corn sweater is done, I'm casting on for dd#2's winter hat to match the scarf I made. I'm not entirely sure what it is going to look like yet. It's in Misti Alpaca Chunky fuscia color.

Must knit faster, must get mittens done for the kids, must knit myself a warmer hat as my other ones always leave my ears cold, must make holiday gifts! So much to knit, so little time...
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