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Anastasiya's Avatar Anastasiya 12:12 AM 10-06-2007
I need to get dd a pots and pans set for her kitchen. I saw one by Melissa & Doug and another by...some they are: (by M&D) and these:

there is also these: (which I think must also be M&D or just a copy of them)

I'd prefer the M&D pots and pans because they've both got lids and an oven mitt, but does M&D chip easily? What's your experience with them?

I'd like the red pots and pans to look nice for awhile, you know?

Calidris's Avatar Calidris 12:21 AM 10-06-2007
not sure if this is the right forum for this (I think this is about stuff you make yourself) but IME (not with these things in particular) M&D stuff chips easily.
meredithhankins's Avatar meredithhankins 07:05 PM 10-06-2007
We have this set as an add on to our kitchen...

It has held up wonderfully and the food is precious. I work in Early Intervention, and have considered getting the set for my toy bag to take on home visits.

We also love the M & D spice rack set and the M & D Kitchen Bottle Set. So cute with the magnetic removable lids!

Hope this helps!
kimberlychapman's Avatar kimberlychapman 04:41 AM 10-08-2007
I haven't used any of those, but we gave our 2-year-old the blue IKEA pots and pans set and she loves them. She's been pretty rough so far and no chips or breaks. Plus they were really inexpensive, I think about 7 bucks a year a go. So far I'd recommend them.

Oh, and for the record, I checked with IKEA and they said all of their kiddie baking/cooking/tea sets are lead-free. We also have the baking and tea sets but haven't given those to our daughter yet because they're a bit old for her still.
momaste's Avatar momaste 02:38 PM 10-08-2007
IKEA has a set of stainless steel kids pots and pans for $10.
Zoo Loo Naturals's Avatar Zoo Loo Naturals 06:04 AM 10-09-2007
I think Melissa and Doug are manufactured in China.
tinasquirrel's Avatar tinasquirrel 09:51 AM 10-09-2007
Personally, I would prefer the Plan Toys ones that you linked from Fine Wooden Toys. I like that they look more realistic than the red ones. And aren't Plan Toys made in Thailand? We have stainless steel ones, and those have held up very well.
PNWmama's Avatar PNWmama 02:57 PM 10-09-2007
Originally Posted by Zoo Loo Naturals View Post
I think Melissa and Doug are manufactured in China.
Yes, they are made in China
Anastasiya's Avatar Anastasiya 04:38 PM 10-09-2007
thanks all - we're either going to go with plan toys or some stainless steel ones.
Eclectica's Avatar Eclectica 11:17 PM 10-09-2007
You know, I used to really like Melissa & Doug toys until I got a recent set of wooden sandwiches. It stinks like chemicals. It stinks so bad it gave me a headache and after handling the toys made my hands smell bad too. I won't let my son play with them, I'm trying to air them out in the windowsill and may end up just selling the set.

I don't recall their other toys smelling like this. Anyone know what it could be or has anyone else encountered this? Needless to say, I'm not going to be buying any more any time soon.

We have a set of stainless steel pots & pans (and cute utensils like a wire whisk and spatula) that are so adorable. I even have a few pots (an adorable angel food cake pan) from when I was a kid...they last a long time.
*Erin*'s Avatar *Erin* 11:25 PM 10-09-2007
m & d stuff is hit or miss-we have a couple things that have held up really well, and a couple that have flaked and held up poorly. one of the things that didn't last long/chipped badly was the fold and go kitchen set. the pots and salt and pepper jar lids peeled off in strips.
we couldn't afford the Plan stuff when dd was play-kitchen aged, and we wound up getting a little tykes set that she loved to pieces.
ett's Avatar ett 02:53 AM 10-12-2007
I would definitely choose the Plan Toys set over the Melissa and Doug set. All of our M&D stuff chips really easily.
Heirloom's Avatar Heirloom 11:33 AM 10-12-2007
I would also suggest Plan Toys. We have both and I just love the feeling of the Plan Toys in my hands much better than the M and D. M and D also chips after a while.
lovbeingamommy's Avatar lovbeingamommy 02:08 AM 10-18-2007
Originally Posted by Zoo Loo Naturals View Post
I think Melissa and Doug are manufactured in China.
You know I used to think M and D toys were a little higher quality - especially since they sell them at the organic grocery store I go to - Wild Oats! However, now that I see everything I bought is MIC I am completely discouraged :. I would rather pay a higher price for quality wooden toys made in the USA then settle for lower quality.
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