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Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 04:48 AM 11-14-2007

I may decide to frog back and add an inch or two, anybody else think it's a tad short? I really love the pattern, so simple, and yet so cute. The yarn is Bernat Bamboo. I am interested to see how well the yarn holds up. It's really soft, and I love the sheen it has to it, but it looks like it may be prone to pilling, or at least shedding.

New Pics

Longer front
Longer Back

mamasthree's Avatar mamasthree 11:35 AM 11-14-2007
I love it--looks great!
KnitterMama's Avatar KnitterMama 12:22 PM 11-14-2007
Aw, how cute are you?!

I think it looks nice as is, but would also look nice if you added a few inches. Either way, you win.
texaspeach's Avatar texaspeach 02:15 PM 11-14-2007
I love it!!
JustJamie's Avatar JustJamie 03:33 PM 11-14-2007
You're beautiful.

So is the capelet.
honeybunmom's Avatar honeybunmom 03:11 AM 11-15-2007
Very sweet!
Marlet's Avatar Marlet 03:35 AM 11-15-2007
Oh my goodness you are adorable! That is a very flattering item on you! Makes me want one.

I agree with Knittermama...either way you'll win. Me personally? I'd add some length.
Haydee's Avatar Haydee 03:47 AM 11-15-2007
Wow, you're beautiful!! I personally would make it a bit longer, but it works either way.
NullSet's Avatar NullSet 03:58 AM 11-15-2007
Oh, that looks lovely. Great job! I keep seeing that pattern and wanting to make it but I'm not sure my boobs would fit!
CelticAngel's Avatar CelticAngel 04:47 AM 11-15-2007
You're beautiful. It looks lovely on you.
Angelorum's Avatar Angelorum 09:54 PM 11-15-2007

I decided to dig deep to find my inner perfectionist and frog back to add a few rows. I would have probably been constantly tugging at it while wearing it had I not. I'll post a new pic tomorrow after it's finished blocking.
zoomom's Avatar zoomom 01:52 PM 11-18-2007
Looks great, so cute! Can't wait to see it with the extra inches